Singer Kim Ho-joong X Espero, on “Immortal Songs” [Official]

Singer Kim Ho-joong X Espero, on “Immortal Songs” [Official]

Singer Kim Ho-joong and crossover group Espero will show harmony.

According to the agency Pocketdol Studio on the 20th, Espero (Nam Hyung-geun, Heo Cheon-soo, Kenji, Lim Hyun-jin) and Kim Ho-joong will appear in KBS2’s “Immortal Song-Oh My Star Special 3” special, which will air in February.

Singer Kim Ho-joong

“Oh My Star Special” is a special feature in which a junior singer teams up with a senior singer he usually respects and Espero will dominate the first row of the small screen with a special stage with Kim Ho-joong.

Singer Kim Ho-joong not only participated in Espero’s debut song “Endless,” but also worked together at his debut concert and Naver NOW. special show “Espero Winter Romance Concert with Kim Ho-jung.” As Espero and Kim Ho-joong are senior and junior vocalists, curiosity is high about the harmony and selection they will create.

Meanwhile, the news of Espero and singer Kim Ho-joong’s appearance in “Immortal Songs” is expected to be a special gift to countless fans, and attention is already being paid to what stage and chemistry the two senior and junior artists will dominate the “Immortal Songs.”

Earlier, singer Kim Ho-joong said on Naver NOW. special show ‘Espero Winter Romance concert with Kim Ho-jung,’ “In my case, I often made a left, right, and U-turn while living as a singer. “I wanted my juniors to go straight without experiencing what I went through,” he said, explaining why he supported Espero, and he will also captivate the public with the synergy between his seniors and juniors in “Oh My Star Special 3” of “Immortal Songs.”

Meanwhile, Espero and Kim Ho-joong’s stage can be seen on KBS2’s “Immortal Songs” in February.

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