Singers born in the Year of the Rabbit Channel Open Mua..

Singers born in the Year of the Rabbit Channel Open Mua, Lee Seung-gi, Red Velvet Yeri, etc.

Celebrating the Year of the Rat, the artist song channel of the Year of the Rabbit has been released.

2023 is the 40th year of the 60th birthday, Gye Myo, meaning black, and Myo means rabbit, so-called Black Rabbit Year.


In response, music radio Muah opened a new channel called “Solo Song of the Year of the Rabbit Born in 1999” and “Solo Song of an Artist Born in 1987” in anticipation of the performance of rabbit stars.

Lee Seung-gi, who won the KBS Acting Awards last year, is a representative rabbit-year-old artist born in 1987. The same goes for Park Jae-beom, who will be the MC of KBS’ new music talk show “The Seasons-Park Jae-beom’s Drive,” which will air in February, and Lee Bo-ram and Kota, who were loved by the public as WSG Wannabe.

Idol members who are active not only in the domestic music market but also overseas are notable as stars born in 1999. There are Choi Yena, who made a comeback with her first single album “Love War” on the 16th, as well as (G)I-DLE Yuqi, Chuu, and NCT Mark.

The channel, which opened for the New Year, expanded listeners’ choices with music that brings back memories such as “Ryeowook – Little Prince,” “Gain – Bloom,” “Seo In-guk – Laughing and Crying,” “Yeri – To Twenty,” and “Mina (Gugudan) – Peach Paradise.”

Muah is a music radio application that provides a playlist so that you can easily select and listen to various genres of music depending on the situation and mood.

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