Sleepy said, “If Young-tak’s song ‘It’s Because of Money…

Sleepy said, “If Young-tak’s song ‘It’s Because of Money’ went up the charts, I get too much help.” (Jeong-hee)


Sleepy appeared in MBC FM4U’s “This is Kim Shin-young, a song of hope at noon.”

In MBC FM4U’s “I’m Kim Shin-young,” which aired on Wednesday (Wednesday), Sleepy introduced and talked about the new album in the “With a Teacher” section.

DJ Kim Shin-young said, “It’s a preliminary bridegroom with a wedding date. In the past, I watched a video of Sleepy complaining to DinDin about the difficulties of preparing for marriage. When I introduced a listener’s story, “As a senior in life, please give me some advice to be careful about this when preparing for marriage,” Sleepy said, “I also got a call from Hwang Jae-kyun recently. Where should I do it? So I did it at the place I introduced. The honeymoon is the same,” he said.

Sleepy then said, “I think there will be a lot to decide while preparing for the wedding, and I think about 100 things.” But there are thousands. You’ll be surprised. The most important thing is that when the priest asks, everything is set. If you don’t get the word ‘right?’ right away when you choose one because you’re told to choose between the two, you should change it. “The priest asks number 1 and 2, but before that, I thought a lot about number 1 to 100 and chose two,” he advised.

Referring to ‘Mr. Trot 2,’ Kim Shin-young said, “He is challenging now. When asked, “Did you put in the application yourself?” Sleepy replied, “Yes,” and added, “I’m doing a trot as a side character named Sung-won.”

Asked by Kim Shin-young, “Did DinDin write the lyrics for ‘Give me my money, you punks?’ Sleepy said, “Yes. DinDin, who knows my true story, even decided the title. He replied, “If I wear hanbok and say, ‘Give me my money, you guys,’ it will explode.”

Kim Shin-young said, “I heard you spent 500,000 won to make a music video. You wrote a lot. When I said, “Considering Celeb Five and second aunt Kim Da-bi, this is a blockbuster,” Sleepy said, “Yes. This is not how much money comes in. Even if you release the “Give Me My Money” album, you don’t earn 500,000 won. Before that, the song “It’s Because of Money,” written and composed by Young-tak, cost 0 won in the music video, it drew laughter.

Later, Kim Shin-young said about Sleepy’s new song, “I’m not okay,” and “I thought this person was amazing after hearing this song. This is the song that fell into the fire pit in the second round during “Show Me the Money 11”. But you overcame it by releasing an album. “That’s great,” said Sleepy, admiringly. I’ve never been so reviled in my life. He said, “There are only curses, but it was not easy to sublimate to this positive.”

Sleepy said, “I’m fine, I’m fine” is a difficult story. I always sang songs like “I’m not tired” and “Let’s cheer up,” but for the first time, I wrote a song that was hard, and I cursed more. It was harder. But the reason why we were able to release this album was because dozens of people, in some ways, and many people sent messages of support. “I’m working part-time right now, and I can relate to your song, so it’s so good to listen to it when I’m having a hard time,” he said. “All I can give you strength is to show you how to survive and endure.”

Kim Shin-young then said, “Maybe that’s why the introduction of the song is short and impressive. He said, “I hope this song will cheer you up…” Sleepy said, “That’s why I’m doing music now. As of now,” he responded.

“In 2020, he released a song once a month because it was called ‘Monthly Sleepy.’ I wish it would go up in the charts out of 12. When asked by Kim Shin-young, “Is there a song you’re doing?” Sleepy said, “I hope the song ‘It’s Because of Money’, which Young-tak wrote and composed, will go up in the charts.” “It’s because I received so much help,” he replied, expressing his gratitude again and again.

“I’m Kim Shin-young, a song of hope at noon,” is broadcast every day from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on MBC FM4U (91.9 MHz in the metropolitan area), and can also be heard through the PC and smartphone application “mini.”

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