Soccer player Cho Kyu Sung pictorial… If you look at the picture..

Soccer player Cho Kyu Sung pictorial… If you look at the picture, you think I’m a celebrity?

A pictorial of soccer player Cho Kyu-sung (Jeonbuk Hyundai, 25) has been released.

On the 20th, “Singles,” a fun lifestyle magazine for confident singles, released a visual pictorial of soccer player Cho Kyu-sung, a professional football Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors striker and one of the 16 leading players in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Soccer player Cho Kyu Sung

In this pictorial with The Body Shop, Cho Kyu-sung showed off his warmth instead of wild on the ground. Rumor has it that the field staff could not take their eyes off his completely different appearance from the soccer field.

Soccer player Cho Kyu-sung played a big role in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Asked about the secret, he says, “I talked a lot with other players to get into sync and tried to keep my request as much as I could.”

Soccer player Kyu-sung, who would have made numerous efforts to achieve this, was humble. “I think the achievement now is due to luck among countless players who have sweated similarly to me,” he said, showing how thoughtful he is.

He then said that he continues to try to trust and love himself. It is an essential virtue to be altruistic as well as for yourself. It is a message in line with the value of The Body Shop’s campaign brand, “Self Love,” which is more than a positive feeling about oneself.

Soccer player Cho Kyu-sung`s said his family was always with him at important moments such as training and games. “I learned to see and accept others as they are. Parents are always friendly to anyone, not just their family. I think I naturally learned it while growing up after seeing it.”

In addition, when you achieve something, you say, “Since you are a person, sometimes you feel satisfied and sometimes you enjoy that feeling. But it’s only valid on the day. “The next day, I completely shake it off so that it doesn’t last,” he said, adding that he always works on everything with a consistent mind without being conceited.

The Body Shop and Cho Kyu-sung “Cho Kyu-sung Special Edition” will be sold from January 20 and the entire proceeds will be donated to the Youth Soccer Player Development Fund. In addition, The Body Shop will also launch a signature campaign to urge middle and high schools across the country to propose a bill that includes “environmental” subjects as essential by May 2024.

Cho Kyu-sung’s visual pictorial featuring warmth can be found in the February issue of Singles and the website of Singles.

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