Song Ga-in, Kim Ho-jung, and the haenyeo of Sagye Village?

Song Ga-in, Kim Ho-jung, and the haenyeo of Sagye Village?

Song Ga-in

Song Ga-in and Kim Ho-jung revealed the images of the lucky ones who visited the haenyeo of Sagye Village on the second day of the delivery.

On the 4th, TV CHOSUN’s “Go” will hold a “Haenyeo Singing Contest” that surprised not only the lucky people but also the production team with its all-time excitement and unique performance.

The Haenyeo Singing Contest, which started with Song Ga-in’s song gift, heated up thanks to the haenyeo who rushed to the front of the stage and danced just one second after the accompaniment began. In the subsequent sequence of the haenyeo’s singing contest, everyone came to the main stage to dance, and unique items appeared on the stage, including the first “Blue Crab Water Gun Show” and the stage performance using Tewak, devastating the scene. Rumor has it that the products prepared by the lucky ones are on the verge of being sold out at the feast of overwhelming excitement. And Kim Ho-joong’s singing gift, which continued after the haenyeo’s singing contest, made the haenyeo’s eyes red and even moved them.

Meanwhile, in free time before leaving Jeju, Song Ga-in, the official water play fairy of “With the Blessings (GO),” showed off her Jindo seal aspect by challenging the “Haenyeo Experience,” the ultimate king of water play. Song Ga-in, who left her body in the sea and started the material, succeeded in collecting seafood with the hawk’s eyes and continued the material without a break due to the thrilling taste of her hands.

In addition, Kim Ho-joong challenged sea fishing with his lucky brother Heo Kyung-hwan with his constant love for fishing in Jeju. Heo Kyung-hwan, who went to the citizens around him to check his bite before starting fishing in earnest, was embarrassed to meet a fisherman and hear an unexpected story. Can the special story of a fisherman I met by chance and the challenge of sea fishing by Kim Ho-jung X Heo Kyung-hwan lead to success? You can check it out on TV CHOSUN’s “With the Luck (GO)” at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, the 4th.

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