Song Hye-kyo The Glory is exploding Netflix is No 1

Song Hye-kyo The Glory is exploding Netflix is No 1 in Korea and No. 5 in the world

Song Hye-kyo

Actress Song Hye-kyo’s return film “The Glory” is drawing an explosive response.

According to Flex Patrol, a global OTT platform viewing ranking website on the 2nd, the Netflix series “The Glory” ranked fifth in the “World’s Top 10 TV Programs Today.”

After being released on December 30 last year, it entered the second place on the domestic chart and topped the list in two days.

It topped the list in Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. It also rose to sixth place on the U.S. charts.

“The Glory” tells the story of desperate revenge and those who fall into the whirlwind that a woman who broke her soul due to violence during her childhood has carefully prepared throughout her life.

The meeting of Kim Eun-sook, who has been loved worldwide by producing numerous hit films such as “Secret Garden,” “Guardian,” “Descendants of the Sun,” and “Mr. Sunshine,” raised expectations early on.

In particular, Song Hye-kyo was praised for showing a completely different face that she had not shown in her work, playing the role of Moon Dong-dong, who was wounded by school violence and vowed revenge.

As “The Glory,” which writer Kim Eun-sook and Song Hye-kyo joined hands again after “Descendants of the Sun,” has been successful, attention is being paid to what records will be set in the future

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