‘Soonjung Fighter’ Oh Soonjung`s → Sandbag, YouTube..

‘Soonjung Fighter’ Oh Soonjung`s → Sandbag, YouTube clip surpasses 1 million views

Soonjung Fighter

SBS’s “Pure Fighter,” the first martial arts survival on terrestrial TV, is drawing attention online.

The first summary content clip of “Pure Fighter” released on YouTube surpassed a total of 1.82 million views as of January 6, and the second episode also exceeded 1 million views in a week of broadcasting.

This interest has also continued to major challengers of ‘Soonjeong Fighter’ and clip views of “Mr. Hongdae” and “Suseo Police Officer” in the first episode, “Oh Soon-jeong,” “Kim Any dog” and “Suwon Bison” in the second episode are also on the rise. In the case of “Oh Soon-jung,” he drew attention with “I’m the 6th soloist Young-chul,” and surprised mentors with his considerable martial arts skills.

The third episode of “Pure Fighter,” which aired on the 4th, is also drawing keen attention to the story of “Sandback,” which is called the real version of the drama “The Glory.” Sandbag, who confessed to being a victim of school violence, said, “I deliberately avoided schools with perpetrators,” adding, “I happened to watch TV and UFC came out, and that’s when I started exercising.”

Sandbag played sparring until the end with Choo Sung-hoon’s support that “I only need to challenge for two minutes,” and did not back down despite coach Soon-jung’s strong blow. Jung Chan-sung cheered, “People who exercise to be strong are the strongest.” Sandbag’s YouTube clip also surpassed 100,000 views in a day.

World-class four members, “Choo Sung-hoon, Kim Dong-hyun, Jung Chan-sung, and Choi Doo-ho!” They embark on a relentless and merciless journey to find the heart of a true warrior! A fighting entertainment program in which applicants, including celebrities, celebrities, martial artists, and athletes, are mentored by four legendary fighters to find real fighters.

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