Top 40 U.S. Media Base. (G)I-DLE.

Top 40 U.S. Media Base. (G)I-DLE.

Media Base

Group (G)I-DLE broke through the wall of ‘Media Base Top 40’.

Cube Entertainment said on the 11th, “(G)I-DLE’s Nxde” entered the 39th place of ‘Mediabase’s Top 40 Radio Airplay Chart’ this week (1st-7th). This achievement is meaningful in that it is the first time among K-pop girl groups to enter the “Media Base Top 40” as a self-composed song.

The chart is a music industry service that monitors more than 180 radio broadcasts in the United States and Canada 24 hours a day, aggregating songs played on radio stations and releasing music charts and data.

In addition, “Nude” entered the “Billboard Pop Airplay Chart” for the first time and achieved a feat of ranking 40th.

JoJo Wright, a famous American radio host, said, “This is a very historic moment for (G)I-DLE, a self-produced group. In particular, “Nude” is mostly composed of Korean lyrics, he said. “Their growth so far is amazing, but I think they have great potential to change the game of K-pop in the U.S. market.”

Meanwhile, (G)I-DLE will meet with fans through the fan meeting “(G)I-DLE OFFICIAL FAN CLUB NEVERLAND 3RD FAN MEETING” at SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 28th and 29th.

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