TRI.BE ‘Comeback in February’ Summons Millennium Emotions..

TRI.BE ‘Comeback in February’ Summons Millennium Emotions…I’m so curious.

Group TRI.BE is raising expectations for a comeback with a mysterious content teaser that causes curiosity.

The agency T.R. Entertainment posted a photo and spoiler video titled “Back to the 00’s” on its official channel on the 16th and 17th.

The released image shows Tribi posing full of cuteness with bold styling beyond the splendor of millennium sensibility. TriB perfectly digested colorful fashion and accessories that are not easily accessible, raising questions about the concept of the new album.

Following the image, we also opened a spoiler video for ‘Back to the 00’s’ to add interest. The video, which began with the witty phrase “Mo Ge YOUNG,” aroused curiosity as members who were making different gestures were seen one after another.

Currently, numerous speculations are pouring into TriB’s surprise spoilers, which contain 180 degrees different hairstyles, intense makeup, and unconventional atmosphere from the previous album. Following the news of the comeback, attention is being paid to what unrivaled concept and performance TriB, which is trying to change and challenge by changing the group’s official logo, will show in this new album.

Meanwhile, TriB has confirmed its comeback in February, and will appear on MBC M at 7:30 p.m. today (18th) and MBC Everyone at 12 p.m. on “Weekly Idol.”

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