Trossar joins Arsenal instead of Tottenham and Chelsea…

Trossar joins Arsenal instead of Tottenham and Chelsea…”I’m happy to join Big Club.” [Official announcement]

Leandro Trossar, 29, is wearing a new Arsenal uniform.

Arsenal said on the club’s website on the 20th, “Belgium national team Trosar left Brighton and signed a long-term contract with us. He will receive his uniform number 19 and Arsenal are all welcome to him,” the official said.


Trossar was the team’s top scorer this season, wearing a Brighton uniform with seven goals and three assists in 16 league games. However, he fell out with manager Roberto de Zervi and openly declared that he wanted to transfer.

Tottenham caught his eye, but were rejected after offering 12 million hearts. Chelsea also showed interest, but the final winner was Arsenal. Arsenal, who decided this season was the right time to win, moved quickly and snatched Trossar.

Details of the contract were not announced. However, according to the British “Sky Sports” and “BBC,” the transfer fee is known to be 21 million hearts in basic transfer fees and 6 million hearts. in additional options until the summer of 2027.

Manager Mikel Arteta, who added a great attacking option, said, “Recruiting Trosar is a good thing for everyone in the club. He is a versatile player with excellent skills, intelligence, and a lot of experience in the Premier League and international competitions.”

Trossar also said, “I’m so glad. It’s a big club, and I’m ready to show my fans what I’m good at,” he said. “Everyone has already seen how good we are.” I came here because I wanted to help everyone, including myself, achieve their dreams. “I will do my best every day and help the team achieve its goals,” he said.

He then said, “I know that Arteta is a great coach. “I want to be better as a player in every way while doing great things together,” he said. “Arnal has a lot of history, and I want to be part of it. So I decided to participate in this project. I’m really happy to be here,” he added.

Meanwhile, Trossar is expected to make his debut at home against Manchester United on the 23rd. Coach Arteta said, “We submitted all the documents. “I hope Trosar will be able to play against Manchester United coming up,” he said.

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