Ukraine Shakhtar is happy for its soldiers to transfer money..

Ukraine Shakhtar is happy for its soldiers to transfer money to Moodrik.


Ukrainian professional footballer Shakhtar Donetsk, who sent “divine” Mikhailo Moodleek to Chelsea and hit a big transfer fee, has decided to donate about 30 billion won for his soldiers and their families.

British public media ‘BBC’ reported on the 15th, “Rinat Ahmetov, the owner of Shakhtar, Ukraine, promised to donate 22 million pounds for the Ukrainian war after transferring Moodrik to Chelsea.”

On the 15th, Chelsea in the English Premier League recruited side striker Moodrik, who was playing for Shakhtar`s for 88 million pounds. Shakhtar`s who made astronomical profits, reported the donation a day after the transfer to Moodrick.

Ahmetov Shakhtar`s said the donation will be used to help the southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol and the families of soldiers killed in action. The donation will be used to support medical care, prosthetics, and psychotherapy.

Ahmetov then added that Shakhtar`s will play a friendly match against Chelsea at Donbas Arena in Ukraine, his home stadium.

To briefly introduce you to this team… You can see it by looking at the contents below.

Football clubs in the Ukrainian Premier League. It is an emerging prestigious club that has emerged as the winner of the UEFA Cup and a strong player in the Ukrainian league in the late 2000s. The home stadium is NSC Olympisky.

The team name Shakhtar means miner in Ukrainian. The Ukrainian notation is Shakhtar Donetsk, but the city is widely known in Korea as Donetsk, a Russian pronunciation. In fact, since Donetsk itself is a Russian-speaking state, it was natural that it was known as such because even Ukrainians often call the team’s name in Russian. Unlike other teams in Ukrainian, it uses Ukrainian-style names as its official English team name.

Its hometown, Donetsk, is a famous mining city, even during the Soviet era. At that time, the number of miners increased as mining development progressed in connection with the Stahanov movement, which was carried out by the Soviet Union to increase production, and the team was established. The main fans are miners in Donetsk, and the team’s founding name has been changed to its current name after Starhanov’s name and Stahanovets Starino, then Donetsk’s name. And there are a lot of Brazilian players in the club.

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