White actor Edward Norton turns out to be the 12th grandson..

White actor Edward Norton turns out to be the 12th grandson of Pocahontas.

Edward Norton

American actor Edward Norton has been identified as a descendant of Pocahontas.

Edward Norton appeared on PBS’ history program Finding Your Roots, which aired on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time) and checked the genealogy.

Pocahontas, known as the ancestor of Edward Norton, was a contributor to the peace relationship between Native Americans and British settlers. Edward Norton is the twelfth descendant of Pocahontas.

Edward Norton confessed on the show that he grew up hearing that he was a descendant of Pocahontas and John Rolf, a British settler, as a child, but “he has been dismissing it because it is only a rumor.”

But program host Henry Lewis Gates Jr. confirmed that “Pocahontas is really your 12th-generation grandmother.” Looking at the documents, Norton’s relationship with his 12th grandparents John Rolf and Pocahontas was unquestionable.

Pocahontas, known as Edward Norton’s grandmother, was born in 1596, the daughter of a chief who ruled the Native American tribal union in the eastern United States. On April 5, 1614, he married Rolf, a former farmer, in Jamestown, Virginia. Pocahontas, a native English speaker and Christian, visited London in 1616. He became a social celebrity. However, he died of illness in Ravezend, England, before returning home three years later. Her husband Rolf also died in March 1622. The couple had a son, Thomas, born in 1615, who was the ancestor of Norton.

Edward Norton also learned from the program that one of his ancestors had a black family of 55-year-old men, 37-year-old women, and five girls aged 4 to 10. In response, Norton said, “When I read the eight-year-old slave phrase, I just wanted to die. This is a judgment on the history of this country and it’s something to fight against,” he said.

Pocahontas is famous for saving the life of British explorer John Smith, who was caught and executed by the natives. The story was made into an animation of the same name by Disney in 1995. However, Annie dealt with the romance between Pocahontas and Smith, which was far from the truth.

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