YG is back after Kang Dongwon left iKON

YG is back after Kang Dongwon left iKON and Yang Hyunsuk and G-Dragon


YG Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as YG) heralded a new change.

YG Entertainment recently announced the expiration of its exclusive contract with actor Kang Dong-won and group iKON. It also reported the return of general producer Yang Hyun-suk and G-Dragon’s plans.

On December 30 last year, Kang Dong-won said, “After discussion, we decided to end the management work.”

Not only the FA market but also fans welcomed the news of the breakup between Kang Dong-won and YG. Kang Dong-won has been associated with YG since 2016. In particular, he has boasted a strong loyalty by renewing two contracts.

At that time, YG CEO Yang Hyun-seok told Exports News that he would form a separate “Kang Dong-won dedicated team” to manage it himself and actively support his work activities and overseas expansion.

After his contract with YG, Kang Dong-won worked in the films ‘The Prosecutor’s Exhibition’, ‘The Hidden Time’, ‘Master’, ‘Golden Slumber’, ‘Inrang’, ‘Peninsula’ and ‘Broker’.

CEO Yang Hyun-seok said, “I’ve never met a popular actor in YG before.” Attention is focusing on where Kang Dong-won, who has become a better actor from a popular actor, will head and his new move.

YG also broke up with the group iKON on the same day. YG said, “After a long discussion with iKON members (Kim Jin-hwan, Bobby, Song Yoon-hyung, Koo Jun-hoe, Kim Dong-hyuk, and Jung Chan-woo), we agreed to respect each other’s opinions and terminate the exclusive contract upon the expiration of the contract period.”

In 2013, he made his face known through Mnet’s survival program “WIN: Who is Next?” and made his official debut in 2015. Icon, which was highly anticipated after Big Bang and Winner, performed hit songs such as “My Type” and “LOVE SCENARIO.”

However, the team was shaken by the drug controversy and withdrawal of leader B.I. in 2019, and since then, it has been controversial due to allegations of aiding and abetting drunk driving by Koo Jun-hoe and Kim Jin-hwan, Bobby’s surprise wedding announcement, and news of premarital pregnancy.

With the entire group leaving YG, 143 Entertainment said on the 1st that it has signed an exclusive contract with all six icons. iKON announced a new start, saying, “We were in harmony with the members on the first premise of the complete activities that never break, and we were in sync with the 143 entertainment of the DM producer, who has long had musical communication.”

With such a large vacancy and rumors of Black Pink’s transfer, fans were embarrassed. YG refuted the report that Black Pink is moving to the Black Label, saying, “It is groundless.”

YG, which heated up the end of the year due to the issue of the breakup of its artists, announced the return of Yang Hyun-seok’s “CEO” from the first day of the new year.

YG released a teaser video for the launch of the rookie group Baby Monster on the 1st. YG has announced a next-generation seven-member girl group project to succeed BLACKPINK.

In the meantime, Yang Hyun-suk appeared as an interviewer and introduced the rookie team himself, expressing confidence, saying, “You can think of it as a baby with YG’s genes.” The video was subtitled “YG General Producer.” The executive producer is the representative.

Yang Hyun-seok resigned in 2019 with his younger brother and CEO Yang Min-seok. This is because it has become the center of numerous controversies and rumors, including the suspicion of tax evasion and gambling of Seungri of Big Bang, the Burning Sun case, the suspicion of B.I drugs, and the failure of the debut group of “Mix Nine.”

However, Yang Min-seok, who had maintained his position as chairman of the board of directors, announced his return to CEO in July last year. Yang Hyun-seok, who had been in and out of the court on charges of covering up the B.I drug investigation and threatening retaliation, will also regain his position as a general producer four years after his resignation.

Regarding Yang Hyun-seok’s charges, the court acquitted Yang Hyun-seok and three other defendants, saying that there was a lack of direct evidence other than the inconsistent statements of A, a public interest reporter. The prosecution has filed an appeal against the first trial’s ruling and is set for the second trial.

Not only Yang Hyun-seok but also YG’s representative artist G-Dragon announced his comeback, heralding a new album and active activities.

G-Dragon expressed regret through a surprise video called “G-DRAGON – GUERRILLA DESK: G_Division” on the 1st, saying, “I couldn’t meet my fans or meet them on stage.”

At the same time, “I will visit you through various activities. The album is also being prepared. “I will make a year where I can visit with good news,” he said, drawing attention.

There has been no situation since Big Bang’s “Spring Summer Autumn Winter,” which was released in April last year for the first time in four years. In particular, if it is G-Dragon’s solo activities, not a group, it is expected to be about five years after “Kwon Ji-yong.”

Kang Dong-won and iKON left and Yang Hyun-seok and G-Dragon returned. It also announced the launch of a girl group. In a somewhat chaotic atmosphere, can these changes be a new leap forward for YG?

I don’t have as much expectation as I used to, but it raises questions about what YG’s 2023 will be like.

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