Yoo Se-yoon is releasing a hip-hop single…

Yoo Se-yoon is releasing a hip-hop single… Wife dissing with “Mother Soccer”

Yoo Se-yoon

Comedian Yoo Se-yoon will turn into a hip-hop singer.

On the 2nd, Studio M-Lab said, “Yoo Se-yoon will release her first single ‘Mother Soccer (Feat. Superbee)’ on the 3rd.”

“Mother Soccer” is a hip-hop song that expresses her husband’s disappointment about her wife who she felt while living together as a couple, and Yoo Se-yoon presents the diss song in a witty and strong tone. As a featured artist, rapper Superbee, the head of Young & Rich Records, participates and draws attention.

“Bone comedian” Yoo Se-yoon has also been active as a singer. In 2010, he formed a UV with Muzi and released “Back To The Dance,” “Entertainer D.C,” and “Itaewon Freedom,” and last year, he released “Riding My Old Bicycle” with Super Junior Choi Si-won and his solo song “Worldview.”

Yoo Se-yoon’s first single “Mother Soccer (Feat. Superbee)” will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 3rd.

On September 12, 1980, he was born in Dobong-gu (3), Seoul, to his father Yoo Young-ho (born 1947) and his mother Yeo Un-ja (born 1953), as the only son of a single son.

I think I would have been loved a lot as an only son, but I grew up under my mother when my parents divorced around elementary school. Perhaps that’s why I spent a lot of time alone at home, but it was said that my hobby was to film and show my friends by myself and to be a movie director when I was a student.

As a comedian, his debut work was a navigation with three members of Ongdalsam. Although it is treated as a half-dark history, it is sometimes ordered in entertainment shows, but the very next work is the return student of Bongsoonga Hakdang. From the beginning, Yoo Se-yoon showed off his overwhelming presence at the Gag Concert, making it difficult to see the main corner of the show, including love counselor with Kang Yu-mi, play the role of a good Seol In-beom, Dr. Fish, and grandson of Grandmother Angry. In addition, he makes good use of the various roles even though he does a corner where the concept changes every time. That’s also very shameless. His facial expressions are amazing, too. It is also called a bone comedian, which means a comedian to the bone. However, because of the burden that the nickname puts on him, he hates the word bone man.

Jang Dong-min, a famous best friend and colleague in the entertainment industry, and Yoo Sang-moo and Ongdalsam form a team, and they often come out together in entertainment shows. In the comedy Big League, he participated as the Ongdalsam team, and Yoo Se-yoon’s animal acting was the best, finishing season 1 first.

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