Actress Shim Eun-ha returns after 22 years…”Down payment after

Actress Shim Eun-ha returns after 22 years…”Down payment after signing contract” by BPOM [Official]

Attention is focusing on whether actor Shim Eun-ha will return after 22 years.

Shim Eun-ha

On the 1st, BPOM Studio said, “We signed a contract with actress Shim Eun-ha last year and paid a down payment,” adding, “We aim to confirm and produce a return work this year.”

He added, “It is an honor to be with Shim Eunha, the best actor of the time, to return to acting.”

Earlier, Daily Sports reported that Shim Eun-ha will return to the entertainment industry 22 years after retiring from the entertainment industry in 2001.

According to the media, it was reported that Shim Eunha would return to the work of BPOM Studio last year, but Shim Eun-ha said it was “groundless.” However, as a result of the daily sports coverage, several discussions were underway behind the scenes at the time, leading to the signing of a contract between the two sides.

In 1993, Shim Eunha, a former member of MBC’s 22nd open recruitment talent, debuted as “Three Families on the One Roof” and rose to stardom as “The Last Match” Daseul. Since then, he has been loved as an actor with both acting skills and star quality through the dramas “M,” “White Night 3.98,” “Trap of Youth,” “Christmas in August,” and “Zoo Next to the Museum of Art.”

However, he suddenly announced his retirement from the entertainment industry in 2001 and married Ji Sang-wook, the current head of Yeouido Institute, in 2005. Later, he appeared in public as the wife of a politician and drew attention.

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