Alec Baldwin’s sentence was reduced to 5 years and 18 months

Alec Baldwin’s sentence was reduced to 5 years and 18 months Why


Hollywood star Alec Baldwin, who was on the verge of imprisonment due to the shooting death on the set, is said to have escaped the crisis that he could have been jailed for more than five years.

According to Reuters and other reports on the 20th (local time), prosecutors in New Mexico have changed some of the criminal case charges applied to Baldwin, and the prison term, which can be sentenced in case of conviction, has been reduced from at least five years to up to 18 months.

The prosecution withdrew the enhanced provisions of the Gun Crime Penalty Act that had been applied to Baldwin when it filed a revised indictment with the court. This is due to the defendant’s claim that the law did not apply at the time of the shooting at the “Rust” set.

As a result, Baldwin is expected to face up to 18 months in prison if convicted of manslaughter over the director’s death.

Earlier on the 10th, Baldwin’s lawyer Luke Nicas asked the court to dismiss the charges, claiming that the prosecution had committed a “basic legal error.”

Attorney Baldwin pointed out that the prosecution’s application of the gun crime punishment law took effect only seven months after the shooting on the set, and that retroactive application of the law to Baldwin was an error of prosecution.

Meanwhile, Baldwin was shooting the movie “Rust” at a ranch in southern New Mexico on October 21, 2021, when a live bullet was fired from his prop gun, injuring director Hurley or Hutchins. On that day, she was immediately taken to a university hospital, but died.

Baldwin will continue to appear in the movie “Rust,” and production is expected to resume soon.

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