Band Lucy, “Super Band” runner-up team → “K-Band New

Band Lucy, “Super Band” runner-up team → “K-Band New Representative”

The band LUCY posted a video of “Throwback with LUCY’s 1000th-day Playlist” on its official YouTube channel to mark the 1,000th day of its debut. The more than an hour-long playlist video was decorated with photos of the members’ memories along with Lucy’s song, adding to its meaning.

Band Lucy

Lucy, a runner-up in the comprehensive programming channel JTBC’s “Super Band” Season 1, made her official debut in the music industry with her first single “DEAR.” in May 2020. Since then, Lucy’s achievements have been summarized by her agency Mystic Story.

1. Perfect hexagonal capability… Leap into an all-rounder band.

Lucy proved her skills by taking the lead in working on seven albums that all members have released so far, led by producer Cho Won-sang. With perfect hexagonal skills such as vocals, performance, and production, the leader Shin Ye-chan’s violin sound played a major role in building Lucy’s unique musical color, which cannot be seen in established bands.

2. Prove as a career high…He stands tall as the representative of the K-band scene.

The band Lucy achieved “Career High” with their first full-length album “Childhood,” which was released in August last year, recording initial album sales, a 2.5 times increase compared to their previous work. In addition, Lucy held her first solo concert in Blue Square a year after her debut, and sold out every subsequent performance, proving to be a “popular band.” Based on their solid skills, they stood tall as “K-band new representatives” last year, inviting them to a number of festivals such as the “2022 Busan International Rock Festival,” “Beautiful Mint Life 2022” and “PEAK FESTIVAL 2022.”

3. Unique voice is strong…Emerging as a powerhouse in the new OST.

The band Lucy made her name known by participating in KBS2’s “Zombie Detective” OST “Because I’m Not Good” and JTBC’s “Run To You” OST only in 2020. In particular, Choi Sang-yeop, a vocalist in the team, emerged as a “new OST powerhouse” last year by participating in a total of nine drama and entertainment programs such as “Thinking of the Moon When Flowers Bloom,” “You and My Police Class,” “Gausse Electronics” and “Jindom Competition.” Shin Kwang-il, who is in charge of vocals along with drums, also stood out in the OST market with his unique soft voice.

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