Darvish the oldest representative was properly beaten

Darvish the oldest representative was properly beaten by the youngest MVP including a home run and a hit.


Darvish Yu (36, San Diego), the oldest player of Japan’s WBC national team, was properly beaten by Murakami Munetaka (23, Yakult), the MVP born in 2000. I met him twice in live pitching and got beaten both times. One was a big home run that hit the back screen.

Japan’s WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team has set up a camp in Miyazaki since the 17th and is preparing for the finals next month. Live pitching began on the 21st, and Darvish participated here.

Japan’s Sponichi said, “Applause poured from the stands toward Darvish heading to the mound. Darvish, which formed a battery with Guy Takuya (Softbank), first appeared Murakami. “Applause filled the baseball stadium by hitting the third pitch on the back screen,” he reported.

The ball, which became a home run, headed to a slightly higher course in the middle. Murakami sent the ball right away.

Takumi Oshiro (Yomiuri), Kondo Kensuke (Softbank), Kazuma Okamoto (Yomiuri), and Shugo Maki (DeNA) started hitting, and Murakami’s turn came again. Murakami made a hit to the left field with a push. Darvish was also an admiring blow.

Darvish threw 24 pitches. Except for Murakami, Kondo was allowed a hit to the center field. The maximum fastball speed was 147 kilometers per hour.

Murakami had a batting average of 0.318 with 56 home runs and 134 RBIs in 141 games last year. He ranked first in the Central League in batting average home run RBIs and recorded the youngest triple crown in the league. Based on this achievement, he was unanimously selected as MVP last year. He also won the MVP award for the second consecutive year. Darvish rebounded with 16 wins, 8 losses and a 3.10 ERA in 30 games last year 카지노사이트

Meanwhile, Darvish is the only Japanese national team’s five major leaguers to join the Miyazaki camp from the first day. However, he cannot play in practice games and can only take the mound in the official warm-up matches of the tournament to be held on the 6th and 7th of next month. Instead, he started live pitching early and prepared for the lack of practice.

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