Kim Hyang-Gi… I chose to break up for Kim Min Jae..

Kim Hyang-Gi… I chose to break up for Kim Min Jae (Yoo Se-pung 2) [TV Comprehensive]

Kim Min-jae and Kim Hyang-gi parted ways.

In the seventh episode of tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Chosun Psychiatrist Yoo Se-pung 2” (directed by Park Won-guk, written by Park Seul-gi Lee Bom Oh So-ho), which aired on the 1st, Yoo Se-pung (Kim Min-jae) and Seo Eun-woo (Kim Hyang-gi) who faced the wall of reality were depicted. In the end, Seo Eun-woo left the count clinic to protect the campaign trend.

Kim Hyang-Gi

The appeal of Ahn Hak-soo (Baek Sung-chul), who made up the scandal between Yoo Se-pung and Seo Eun-woo, soon reached Gye Ji-han (Kim Sang-kyung). Wang (played by Oh Kyung-ju) personally sent a secret letter to inform Yoo Se-pung of the crisis. Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, Gye Ji-han asked the two to stay away from each other for the time being, not to go on a house call together or stay in one space. Seo Eun-woo, who said he wouldn’t run away because he didn’t do anything bad at first. However, he had no choice but to accept the reality when he was told that everything he had achieved could be in vain due to the deletion of the private plate. The two, who could not speak a word or be with each other overnight, only deepened their sorrows every day.

Ahn Hak-soo’s tricks continued. He suddenly led the gunmen and tried to confiscate the letter shared by Yoo Se-pung and Seo Eun-woo in the name of collecting evidence. In response, Gye Ji-han offered a deal, saying that they should burn documents that proved Ahn Hak-soo’s crime and letters of the two at the same time. An Hak-soo accepted the irresistible proposal, and soon all the books disappeared into the fire. But it was not the end. Ahn Hak-soo announced a ban on women from going out, and even banned house calls in Yeouido. It was a crude scheme aimed at Seo Eun-woo. What made him even more difficult, however, was the guilt that the campaign was in trouble because of him.

Meanwhile, there was news that there was a sick person suffering from difficult delivery. To make matters worse, all lawmakers are away and only Seo Eun-woo remains. Seo Eun-woo eventually broke the ban and went to the house. Yoo Se-pung, who appeared one step later, also followed him and headed to the sick. The two men who faced each other with the sick man in between. Seo Eun-woo became the hand of Yoo Se-pung again and succeeded in saving both the child and the mother.

Then a torpedo boat came into the sick man’s house. They have threatened Seo Eun-woo over violating the prohibition, and Yoo Se-pung, who flew to save Seo Eun-woo, was injured by a weapon. This was a new opportunity for Seo Eun-woo. He made up his mind to leave before Yoo Se-pung gets even more serious. Eventually, at dawn when everyone was asleep, he quietly left the count center and headed for the port. Yoo Se-pung only saw Seo Eun-woo’s book report in the morning and knew that he had left. The book contained a sad and warm sincerity, saying, “I liked all the time I learned medicine from the lawmaker.” As a result, he shed tears with an empty cry asking not to leave, showing the fate of the two mixed and causing regret.

The wall of reality was higher and stronger than Yoo Se-pung and Seo Eun-woo expected. In particular, this came to Seo Eun-woo, who was talked about as a widow. This was the reason why I couldn’t let go of my guilt and fear despite the sincerity of Yoo Se-pung, who said, “Even if I lose everything, I can’t let go of Eun-woo.” In the end, Seo Eun-woo left his side, choosing to remain as a benefactor, not a lover. I wonder what the future of the two separated once again will be. On the other hand, Chil-sung (Nam Hyun-woo), who showed a brilliant loyalty to the family of the Councillor, predicted a counterattack against Ahn Hak-soo. Will he be able to provide a decisive shot to reverse the situation?

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