Kim Yeon-kyung fans are angry…”Rep. Kim Ki-hyun should..

Kim Yeon-kyung fans are angry…”Rep. Kim Ki-hyun should apologize for the controversy over Seo Jin on SNS.”

Fans of “Volleyball Empress” Kim Yeon-kyung are angry. After posting a photo taken with “Volleyball Empress” Kim Yeon-kyung on SNS, he posted a message as if he had declared his support, pouring criticism against Kim Ki-hyun, a controversial candidate for the People’s Power Party.

Kim Yeon-kyung

Fans of the DC Inside Volleyball Gallery said in a statement on the 1st, “As it was revealed that Kim was embarrassed by expressing his gratitude from the politician’s point of view, fans express deep regret and strongly demand that he immediately apologize.”

Fans said, “I hope Kim, who breaks his heart every day for his dream, will not be hurt by this incident,” and added, “Fans are eager to appeal that it will never recur to defame a volleyball player again.”

Lawmaker Kim Ki-hyun, who challenged the People’s Power Party earlier, posted a photo on social media on the 27th of last month of holding a bouquet with singers Nam Jin and Kim Yeon-kyung, saying, “I would like to thank Kim Yeon-kyung and Nam Jin for giving me precious time and preparing a bouquet.”

When Rep. Kim Ki-hyun posted the post, comments were posted on Kim Yeon-kyung’s SNS and YouTube to the effect that she was a supporter of the power of the people.

In response to the controversy, singer Nam Jin said, “Rep. Kim Ki-hyun is a complete stranger, and I received a lot of complaints from people because of the photos he posted,” adding, “I’m embarrassed to be caught up in this.”

Kim Yeon-kyung’s confidant also explained, “What Nam-jin said in the interview was right,” adding, “I know it was not a previously promised position,” adding, “Kim Yeon-kyung didn’t know (Rep. Kim Ki-hyun was coming) and didn’t prepare a bouquet.”

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