“LeBron and Davis” Lakers Reveal Starting List Against New York

“LeBron and Davis” Lakers Reveal Starting List Against New York [NBA]

The LA Lakers (hereinafter referred to as the Lakers) announced their starting list for the game against the New York Knicks (hereinafter referred to as the New York Yankees).


The Lakers face New York on Jan. 31 in an NBA 2022-23 regular league away game at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The Lakers included Dennis Schroeder, Troy Brown Jr., LeBron James, Louis Hachimura and Anthony Davis as starters. This is a lineup that is conscious of the two-big lineup of Julius Randle and Jericho Sims in New York.

Earlier, LeBron missed one game with pain in his ankle in the last game. Davis also did not play in his first back-to-back game as a precaution. This is expected to reveal the Lakers’ willingness to catch the match against New York.

Meanwhile, he will visit Madison Square Garden for the first time in three years since January 2020.

LeBron picked it as his favorite stadium and has played well every time. In addition, LeBron has only 116 points left to top the NBA’s total score held by Karim Abduljava. (38,387 points for Abdul-Java)

It will be another fun to watch the NBA to see if LeBron and Davis, who have returned, can save the La-kers in crisis.

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