Lee Bo-young, Son Na-eun, Jeon Hye-jin, who are welcomed..

Lee Bo-young, Son Na-eun, Jeon Hye-jin, who are welcomed more than romance from drama agencies. Realistic Womance.

Drama agencies Lee Bo-young, Son Na-eun, and Jeon Hye-jin are leading the popularity of the drama by emitting the chemistry of their working sisters.

Lee Bo-young

Actors Lee Bo-young, Son Na-eun, and Jeon Hye-jin meet to create synergy in the popular JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama “Agent” (directed by Lee Chang-min/written by Song Soo-han). Their realistic womance is maximizing the fun of watching by turning the crisis situation into an opportunity, such as strategically holding hands accurately in calculating profits and losses or becoming a “one team” by filling each other’s shortcomings.

Lee Boyoung and Son Naeun.

Ko Ah-in (played by Lee Bo-young) and Kang Han-na (played by Son Na-eun) are very different drama characters. Ko Ah-in became the first female executive in the group with only her skills, breaking through the glass ceiling, while Kang Han-na was born with a golden spoon as the youngest daughter of VC Group Chairman Kang (Song Young-chang), and even took the position of SNS director under the name of a popular SNS influencer. In addition, the relationship between the two seemed difficult to improve as it was revealed that the reason why the orphan was promoted to executive position was to serve as Kang Han-na’s “red carpet.” Therefore, they were unusual from the first meeting. On Kang Han-na’s first day at work, the orphan said, “There are many things you don’t know, so ask and work from now on. “Don’t make an accident while doing something you don’t know anything about and don’t ask me to do,” provoking, and the relationship between the two was heading toward an uncontrollable catastrophe.

But the two had something in common. The fact that he is a born ‘strategist’ who “thinks strategically and acts like a madman”. They also had something in common that they had no side in the company. So I chose a “give and take” – a strategic relationship that only calculates profit or losses. In a media interview, Goa-in made Kang Han-na “a princess who is greedy but has no side in the group” and “the next vice president who showed new leadership by innovating unreasonable red tape that has been stuck in industry practices for decades since the first day of work.”

Kang Han-na also responded. In order to prevent negative messages and create new messages to reverse public opinion while Woo Won Group Chairman is under arrest, he gave crucial information he obtained through his secretary Park Young-woo (Han Joon-woo). It was a transcript of a conversation with the chief of staff of Woowon Group Hwang Jeon-moo (Song Young-kyu), who proposed a corporate PR advertisement. Based on this, Goa-in, who realized the true meaning of the advertisement, prepared to create a miracle with a budget of 30 billion won. It was the moment when yesterday’s enemy became today’s comrade.

Lee Boyoung and Jeon Hyejin.

If Goa and Kang Han-na are in the same department, Goa and Cho Eun-jung (played by Jeon Hye-jin) create synergy effects with different condensations. If Cho Eun-jung, who is out of the blue, pours out unexpected copies, a logical and rational orphan gets ideas and designs an overall strategy. It fills each other’s shortcomings and shows fantastic teamwork.

Cho Eun-jung’s first performance was when Goa-in and Kwon CD (played by Kim Dae-gon) were promoting to the executive director and conducting in-house competition PT over telecommunication company advertisements. It suggested a completely different direction that focuses on people between existing advertisements focusing on technology of companies and ideas that are not much different. Goa-in won by showing a clear difference by preparing PT with Eun-jung’s copy, while letting Kwon CD steal the copy he was about to throw away.

It was Cho Eun-jung who provided clues to the solution when preparing for the PR advertisement PT for Woowon Group. Cho Eun-jung said, “I am living in a prison called an agency without any crime. It’s unfair. It’s unfair,” a scribble that casually wrote provided the orphan with a decisive idea. Goa-in, who set the strategy of “making people sympathize with injustice to make public opinion,” ordered to create an advertisement that raises attention so that people can see in their daily lives with a single line of copy of “The law is not perfect.” In response, Cho Eun-jung set up implementation measures to attach only copies using spaces or objects that give the image of being incomplete, such as “putting a broken car in front of the court and wrapping copies.” This was a part that showed perfect teamwork when it comes to “bump.” (

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