“Manny Machado is going to extend his contract before the opening

“Manny Machado is going to extend his contract before the opening,” said a famous U.S. reporter. There are five reasons.

Manny Machado

Will prospective FA magnate Manny Machado stay with the San Diego Padres? U.S. Major League Baseball reporter Ken Rosenthal expected Machado to stay in San Diego for five reasons.

Reporter Rosenthal said in an article on the 7th, “I am not a gambler, and my predictions were absurd or completely wrong. Still, if I predict one thing that will happen this spring, I would like to talk about a large extension contract between San Diego and Machado,” he said. “No source said that the deal has reached an agreement or is under discussion. Instead, AJ Preller said in a podcast that he would sign a new contract with Machado.

Manny Machado can become an FA with an opt-out at the end of this season. Machado’s FA declaration seems to be a fait accompli as large infielders such as Zander Bogartz (11 years 280 million dollars), Trey Turner (11 years 300 million dollars), and Carlos Correa (up to 6+4 years 270 million dollars), who stayed in Minnesota, signed long-term contracts. But why did reporter Rosenthal expect Machado to remain in San Diego on an extended contract? There are five reasons.

Steve Cohen
Mets owner Steve Cohen, who is famous as a rich man and art collector, is also outspoken in investing in baseball players. He tried to recruit Corea even though he had already set a new annual salary record. The next target is likely to be Shohei Otani (Angels), but if it doesn’t go as planned, it could turn to Machado. This could put pressure on San Diego. When Machado goes to the FA market, he has to compete with a big shot like Cohen. It is best to hold on before declaring the FA.

Juan Soto, American football player
The core of San Diego at this point is Machado and Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Bogartz. Machado and Soto will soon qualify for the FA. However, Soto has already rejected a 15-year, 440 million-dollar contract from Washington and transferred. The front seat may want a different contract. If you miss Machado and Soto, you have to reconfigure your power. Machado is also likely to sign an extension contract.

Peter Zeidler, owner of the club
The San Diego Fanfest ahead of the spring camp was a motivating event for Zaidler, the owner of the club. Reporter Rosenthal wrote that the event was “like a baseball version of the Woodstock (rock festival).” San Diego is now a team supported by that many fans. The contract to extend Machado could be a reply from Zaidler, the owner of the club, who sends it to fans.

Agent Dan Lozano
From the agent’s point of view, it is better for Machado to declare FA. Machado is likely to bring about the fruits of a fierce recruitment battle and a mega contract in both skills and health. But is there a reason to sign an extension contract with San Diego? Reporter Rosenthal predicted that if San Diego offers an appropriate amount, Rosano can prepare for variables that will occur during the season like an injury with a quick decision.

And Manny Machado.
The last is Machado’s team preference. Machado and his family are said to be satisfied with their life in San Diego. He is a star and a leader on the team. It is not known whether he will be in the same position when he moved to a new team. “If San Diego opens its wallet, Machado will remain,” Rosenthal once again said.

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