Min-jae Kim has improved but Min-ka journalist is responsible

Min-jae Kim has improved but Min-ka journalist is responsible for eight to nine goals and does not withdraw criticism.


A leading journalist criticizing “iron pillar” Kim Min-jae still did not acknowledge him.

Napoli’s eight or nine runs were still his responsibility, continuing to set the edge.

According to Napoli’s local media “Area Napoli” on the 21st, Francesco Marolda, a leading journalist who has been covering the Napoli club for a long time, still showed a cold look at Kim Min-jae in an interview with the Telebomero Broadcasting Station.

“Napoli are paying off the seeds they have sown over the past 12 years this season,” he said. “I’m not surprised. “Naples are moving slowly and the atmosphere in the locker room looks good,” he said.

He then mentioned Napoli players such as Piotr Cielinski, but he put Kim Min-jae on the cutting board. It was a nuance that I was doing well but still regrettable.

“Kim Min-jae? He is showing better performance in the past few games,” he said, but stressed, “Napoli is responsible for the eight to nine goals he gave.”

Napoli conceded 15 goals in Serie A this season and allowed a total of 23 goals including the Champions League. According to Marolda, about half of Napoli’s runs this season are responsible for Kim Min-jae.

Reporter Marolda is considered a journalist who constantly does not recognize Kim Min-jae even when Kim Min-jae is praised by Italian legend players and leading media.

He also said, “The majority of Napoli’s runs are Kim Min-jae’s responsibility,” when Napoli won 3-0 in the away match against Specia two weeks ago. Kalidou Koulibaly, who moved from Naples to Chelsea, is a better defender than Kim Min-jae.

He also said, “I was criticized a lot for criticizing Kim Min-jae in the past. However, he caused controversy by saying, “I still think the same way and my opinion is right.”

When Marolda criticized Kim Min-jae so much, Luigi Di Canio, a unique leader who appeared with him on a program, said, “I totally agree with your other opinion, but I can’t agree with Kim Min-jae’s evaluation. Kim Min-jae is a great defender. He even responded by saying, “A player who won’t regret moving to Koulibaly at all.”  토토사이트

Attention is focusing on whether Marolda will maintain her view even after the first leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16.

Napoli will play an away match against Eintracht Frankfurt in the first leg of the round of 16 at 5 a.m. on the 22nd.

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