Park Gyu-ri’s ex-boyfriend who broke up for more than a year

Park Gyu-ri’s ex-boyfriend who broke up for more than a year even investigated the prosecution’s reference.

Park Gyu-ri

Park Kyu-ri, a member of the group Kara, is undergoing a backlash even after the breakup after being investigated as a reference for her ex-boyfriend’s coin fraud.

The Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office’s first financial investigation department (chief prosecutor Lee Seung-hyung) is investigating A, the CEO of P company, who issued virtual currency (coins) linked to art, on charges of violating the Capital Markets Act and fraud.

In the process of investigating A, the prosecution reportedly called Park Gyu-ri, who was A’s ex-lover and worked as a curator of P company at the time, as a reference.

According to the prosecution, the coin in question is a common currency that can jointly own expensive artworks through sculpture investment. Company P issued the coin and promoted that it could be used for domestic and foreign art transactions or auctions.

In response, the prosecution is reportedly checking the details of Park Gyu-ri’s possession and sale of the coin.

Park Gyu-ri’s side says it is not related. On the 20th, Park Gyu-ri’s agency Creative Flower told Herald POP, “I was A’s lover at the time and I, who was the curator of the art gallery, made a statement as a reference to the investigative agency.”

“In the process of the statement, I clarified that I did not participate in illegal activities related to the coin business and did not acquire any unfair profits,” he said. “I have nothing to do with the art-linked coin business, but I will cooperate with the related investigation as much as possible.”

Earlier in 2019, Park Gyu-ri began an open romantic relationship with A. The two became close through an exhibition and became a hot topic as a couple seven years older than them.

The two were openly romantically involved in a collaborative project, but broke up in 2021. After the breakup, it was also shocking, as it was revealed that Mr. A was a 12 year old couple by deceiving his age.

In addition, A was caught drunk driving in July of the same year and caused a stir. Park Gyu-ri suffered even after the breakup, being mentioned with A.

Attention is drawn to the results of the investigation as Park Gyu-ri is suffering a backlash from her ex-lover even though it has been a long time since she broke up.

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