Say love The reason why Lee Sung-kyung avoided

Say love The reason why Lee Sung-kyung avoided Kim Young-kwang on the set

Lee Sung-kyung

Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-kwang, who are close colleagues in “Say Love,” showed “Same Bed, Different Dreams” at the scene. Both actors tried hard to immerse themselves in each character and were completed with good chemistry.

On the 21st, a production presentation for Disney Plus’s “Say Love” was held at the JW Marriott Hotel Dongdaemun in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Kim Young-kwang, Lee Sung-kyung, Sung-joon, Ahn Hee-yeon, Kim Ye-won, and director Lee Kwang-young participated in the event to talk about the work.

Say Love is a work about the emotional romance between a woman Woo-joo who jumped into revenge, Dong-jin, a man who became the object of revenge, and two men and women who should not have met. It is a story about a woman who is taking away a house with memories with her family overnight and pledging revenge, and a man who suddenly became the object of revenge one day. The main point to watch is the process of two men and women who are intertwined with revenge opening their hearts to each other. Director Lee Kwang-young plans to increase immersion by capturing detailed pictures of men and women falling in love in the play.

Director Lee Kwang-young said, “I remember filming hard last year. I’m also nervous. “Since love is a universal story, I think they will like it a lot,” he said ahead of the release. Lee Sung-kyung, who played the main character, said, “I think many people will draw a dramatic exhilaration, thinking that ‘Say Love’ is a revenge play.” Rather than that, this sloppy character rushed to protect his precious things, but he faced unexpected emotions,” he introduced the work was introduced.

First of all, Kim Young-kwang presents an emotional romance as Dong-jin, the representative of the best exhibition, who is perfect in appearance and ability. Dong-jin, who has nothing to be desired, but has a loneliness inside, gradually falls into unknown emotions as he meets the universe while living a calm life. Lee Sung-kyung, who has explored various genres such as “Cheese in the Trap,” “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-soon,” “Dr. Romantic” and “Shooting Star,” predicted a completely different appearance from her previous characters.

On this day, Lee Sung-kyung said, “I played a joke to get closer (to Kim Young-kwang) at the scene. We tried to protect our characters in the field. Dongjin is so lethargic. Dongjin and the universe can be seen changing over time. Viewers will be able to feel the point, he stressed. On the other hand, Kim Young-kwang said, “I avoided Lee Sung-kyung because I didn’t think I should break the atmosphere of Dong-jin.” I heard that the corners of your mouth are up when you’re playing around. It was so comfortable because we had known each other for a long time. Also, we were all of the same age, so we had fun filming it,” he said.

Meanwhile, ‘Say Love’ will be released on the 22nd.

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