Singer Lim Chang-jung reveals music video teaser for..

Singer Lim Chang-jung reveals music video teaser for her new song “TWIT”.

Singer Lim Chang-jung released a teaser for the music video of “TWIT” ahead of her comeback.

Singer Lim Chang-jung

At midnight on the 4th, the agency YesIM Entertainment opened a teaser video for Lim Chang-jung’s third mini-album “TWIT” through its official SNS channel, signaling an emotional “TWIT”.

In the teaser video released, props related to musician Lim Chang-jung, such as a sand clock and a piano, appeared, drawing attention, while a calm piano melody was also playing, creating a more sentimental atmosphere.

The sand watch, which seems to express singer Lim Chang-jung’s 28-year history as a singer, even caught the eye with a vintage feel. The piano, located alone in an empty space, is lonely but leaves a lingering impression.

The third mini-album “TWIT” includes a total of five songs, including the title track “TWIT”, “Forgive Me”, “Just a Good Day” and “TWIT” (Inst.), and has improved completeness by working with producer Boar, Wolf, Aven Jeon Seung, and JYMON.

Meanwhile, singer Lim Chang-jung’s third mini album “TWIT” will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 8th.

Singer Lim Chang Jung has rarely been a singer. Marriage and… I just did some entertainment activities. There was very little else. Formerly, Lim Chang-jung is a legendary ballad singer in Korea who is recognized not only for his singing but also for his singing ability. This album… Fans are paying keen attention.

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