STAYC Sumin, Sieun, and Aisa burst into fresh potion.Concept..

STAYC Sumin, Sieun, and Aisa burst into fresh potion.Concept photo of “Teddy Bear” will be revealed.


The comeback fever continues by releasing all the individual concept photos of the group STAYC.

STAYC (Soomin, Sieun, Aisa, Sieun, Yoon, and Jaei) released individual concept photos of their new single “Teddy Bear” on their official SNS on the 7th.

The concept photo is a FUN (pun) version and a TOGETHER (together) version, and two images of each member have been released to capture STAYC’s colorful charm.

In the TOGETHER version, STAYC’s energetic charm gave pleasant energy. STAYC proved its visual spectrum with flawless beauty that stands out even in a colorful background. In particular, he properly showed the charm of Teen Fresh, which has been upgraded with a fresh expression and a unique pose.

In the FUN version, which features a huge teddy bear, hot pink costumes that accentuate the individuality of Sumin, Sieun and Aisa, and various witty point accessories reminiscent of teddy bears drew attention. Sumin’s unconventional pink hair, Sieun’s high-braid hair, and Aisa’s kitsch charm provide a colorful charm that cannot take your eyes off, raising curiosity about StayC’s new transformation.

Global fans’ reactions are also hot, with personal concept photos, including Se-eun, Yoon, and Jae-yi, Sumin, Si-eun, and Aisa, all released. Fans are expressing expectations through various SNS, saying, “I’m already looking forward to seeing the changed hair color,” “Everyone seems to be in love with their beauty,” “It looks crazy,” and “I’m looking forward to the new teen fresh.”

The title track of the album and the title track of the same name, Teddy Bear, is a song that contains positive meshes that give hope and comfort like a reliable teddy bear who has become my own hero. STAYC is predicting an unrivaled team color by completing a more intense “Teen Fresh” with a differentiated concept.

STAYC’s new single “Teddy Bear” will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 14th.

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