Valverde did Lee Kang-in’s “murder tackle” because he was..

Valverde did Lee Kang-in’s “murder tackle” because he was “angry”? No.


The question Federico Valverde received was not related to Lee Kang-in.

Real Madrid will face Al Ahli (Egypt) in the semifinals of the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup at Prince Mulai Abdela Stadium in Rabat, Morocco, on the 8th.

Among Real’s recent games, there have been many disappointing games. On the 8th of last month, they lost 1-2 away to Villarreal, and on the 16th, they lost 1-3 in the UEFA Super Cup match against Barcelona. He had a 0-0 draw against Real Sociedad at home on the 30th, and suffered a 0-1 shock defeat due to Nacho Fernandez’s own goal in the away match against Majorca on the 5th, the most recent one.

His grades are not good either. Real is currently in second place with eight points behind Barcelona, the league’s top player. There are also rumors that head coach Carlo Ancelotti has lost the team’s trust. This Club World Cup is nothing short of an opportunity for Real to turn the tide.

Valverde attended the press conference ahead of the match. Valverde is a key member of Real Madrid and has a starting position at the age of 24. He is also showing good performance in the Uruguay national team, but his image is not so good among domestic fans.

This is because of his bad relationship with Lee Kang-in. When Valverde met South Korea in the group stage of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup last year, he tried to tackle Lee Kang-in, succeeded, and roared by throwing his fist in the air. In addition, Lee Kang-in’s recent showdown with Mallorca, his team, was also warned for attempting a rough tackle, so-called “murder tackle.” Since then, there has been talk in Korea that Valverde tackled Lee Kang-in because he was “angry.”

The question Valverde received was a different story. Valverde was recently asked about his ‘form’. Real are in a difficult situation, but Valverde is struggling to keep his team’s performance. Valverde heard the sad news that his child was miscarried ahead of the match against Sociedad, which is presumed to be a question asked on the spot considering that it will affect Valverde’s performance.

In response, Valverde said, “When I enter the stadium, I put the problem behind me. I try to forget about the problems and focus on doing my job in a good way. If we don’t get the results we want, or if things don’t work out personally, we get angry and frustrated. I didn’t like the match against Atletico Madrid because I want to win if I play. The same was true of Majorca. We really want to win. “I’m angry if I can’t bring good results while running, but I’m trying to keep improving,” he replied.

This answer is from Valverde’s answer posted on Real Madrid’s official website.

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