Victor Osimen wants Manchester United and PSG, but the ransom

Victor Osimen wants Manchester United and PSG, but the ransom is 100 million euros?

The ransom of Kim Min-jae (27)’s teammate Victor Osimen (25, SSC Naples) is beyond imagination.

Victor Osimen

U.S. sports channel ESPN reported on the 3rd that Manchester United (Manchester United) and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) expect to pay at least 100 million euros to win the Osimen competition in the summer transfer market. ESPN said, “He led Napoli’s first Serie A title competition since 1990 and became one of the most popular strikers in Europe this season,” adding, “He has scored 15 goals in 20 matches for the Nigerian national team and 14 goals in the league.” Osimen is currently the top scorer in Serie A, two goals ahead of Ademola Lukeman (Atalanta).

ESPN explained, “As Elling Holland (Manchester City), Darwin Nunez (Liverpool), and Roberto Lewandowski (Barcelona) all moved to the current club last summer, Osimen has emerged as the club’s main option to strengthen offensive options next season.” In this regard, Osimen is currently the top target for Manchester United and PSG. However, it remains to be seen whether the transfer will be made. Victor Osimen, along with Kim Min-jae, is currently one of the main resources leading Napoli’s Serie A lead.

The transfer fee is a lot. Osimen, who was recruited from Lille, France in 2020, is currently under contract until June 2025. There is no reason for Napoli to release a “young main striker” in his mid-20s at a low price. As a result, various options are being mentioned for Manchester United. ESPN also mentioned that it is considering recruiting Benjamin Sesco of FC Salzburg in addition to Victor Osimen.

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