Who is the hidden cameo in the group Epik High album..

Who is the hidden cameo in the group Epik High album “On My Way”?

The special news promotion of the group EPIK HIGH is surprising the world every day.

On the morning of the 2nd, the hidden cameo featured in the song “On My Way (feat. Jackson)” from Epic High (Tablo, Tucut, and Mitsura)’s new album “Strawberry” was revealed through MBC FM4U’s “Good Morning FM Jang Sung-kyu.”

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Epik High’s first global album “On My Way,” released on the 1st, contains the voices of group GOT7 Jackson as well as broadcaster Jang Sung-kyu. Behind the endless camera shutter sound, a short comment, “The press conference will begin soon,” gave a deep sense of realism. The fact that Jang Sung-kyu’s voice saved the details adds strength to Epik High’s unique emotional production and is once again drawing enthusiastic response from fans.

So far, the group Epik High has released hidden cameo features such as Psy, BTS Sugar, Kang Hye-jung, and Gong Hyo-jin with songs such as No Thank You (Feat. MINO, Simon Dominic, The Quiet), Don’t Hate Me, and Spoiler, respectively, giving them fun to find and listen to every album. With Jang Sung-kyu’s participation, a lot of attention is being paid to “On My Way,” which newly succeeded Epik High’s unique cameo genealogy.

On the afternoon of the 1st, Tablo hit the top of Twitter’s real-time trend around the world with the news of the new news “Strawberry,” which was variously delivered on its official Twitter account.

Tablo communicated closely with global fans by sharing tweets on his timeline from last month when he first announced the release news to the day of the release.The content, which mixes the album, colorful memes, and parodies of the group Epik High, properly targeted the tastes of the MZ generation with a big laugh, heralding the birth of a new meme.

As this album is Epik High’s first global album, which is expanding its path to the world, fans of various nationalities have been paying keen attention. Fans have been celebrating and receiving enthusiastic responses in various languages such as “Thank you for being with me for the 20th anniversary,” “album full of music that is always my taste,” and “music that comforts me just by listening to good music.”

The album, which has devoted all its energy to overall work from production to promotion for fans, contains Epik High’s unique sensibility, excitement ahead of its 20th anniversary, and unchanging initial motivation. The album, which opens the door to global activities, is expected to draw more attention from music fans at home and abroad.

Epik High, which also heralded a new trend with Epik High’s unique personality, will launch the world tour “ALL TIME HIGH TOUR” from the 6th to April, which will be held in 36 cities in seven countries, including Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, the United States, and Canada.

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