After the drunk accident Kim Sae-ron the girl who was proud

After the drunk accident Kim Sae-ron the girl who was proud of her life bowed her head to a fine

Kim Sae-ron

Not only Kim Sae-ron but also his family are suffering from difficulties in living because he is supporting his family under the guise of a girl.

Actor Kim Sae-ron (22), who caused an accident of hitting a street tree and a transformer while driving under the influence of alcohol, was fined and lowered his head.

At 10 a.m. on the 8th, the Seoul Central District Court held the first trial of Kim Sae-ron, who was indicted on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act (drinking and driving). Kim (20, female), a passenger who was in a car with Kim Sae-ron at the time of the accident, was also tried together on charges of aiding and abetting drunk driving.

On the same day, the prosecution demanded a fine of 20 million won from Kim Sae-ron. The prosecution said, “It is not a good crime to drink and drive with a high blood alcohol concentration of more than 0.22% and run away without any action,” but demanded the case, citing the fact that it was the first offender and efforts to recover and agree on the damage. A fine of 5 million won was demanded for the passenger Kim, who was indicted together.

Kim Sae-ron, who appeared in public 10 months after the drunk driving accident, wore a mask but looked haggard. Asked by the court about his job prior to the full-fledged trial, he said, “Now…Kim Sae-ron, who hesitated, replied, “Yes,” to the question, “Is your job a celebrity?”

During the trial, Kim Sae-ron also looked after Kim, a passenger who attended without a lawyer, by nodding his head.

Kim Sae-ron had an accident on May 18 last year when he hit guard rails, street trees, and transformers several times while driving under the influence of alcohol in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. When the police, who were dispatched by citizens’ reports at the time, tried to measure the blood alcohol concentration, Kim Sae-ron refused and asked for blood collection. As a result of the blood collection test, Kim Sae-ron’s blood alcohol concentration was about 0.2%, which was well above 0.08% of the license cancellation standard.

The accident caused confusion around the way to work, including power outages and signal paralysis, and some stores suffered financial damage as they disrupted their operations.

On June 28 last year, the police sent Kim Sae-ron to the prosecution without detention on charges of drunk driving and non-action after the accident. Prosecutors decided to indict Kim Sae-ron without detention for the first time in about six months. In the trial held on the same day, CCTV containing the situation at the time was submitted as evidence. The video of the black box inside the vehicle submitted together contained the voice of the police who were dispatched to the scene at the time and the voice of Kim Sae-ron, who muttered drunkly, “I’m sorry.”

Kim Sae-ron and his fellow passenger Kim did not disagree with the prosecution’s evidence.

At the trial, Kim Sae-ron’s lawyer admitted all the charges, saying, “I deeply regret and regret it.” However, “I am living a life away from alcohol, and I have sold all my vehicles.” He also apologized to those who suffered damage and paid compensation for the damage.

He also stressed that Kim Sae-ron’s drunk driving was the first crime and that he called a proxy driver several times before the accident on the day. The lawyer said, “We called a proxy driver three times even for a short distance of about 1km on the day of the accident,” adding that the risk of recidivism is low.

He also complained of financial difficulties. The lawyer said, “Not only Kim Sae-ron but also his family are suffering from difficulties in living because he is supporting his family as a head of a girl.” “Please take into account the circumstances of financial difficulties by paying huge damages,” he said, asking for leniency.”

Earlier, Kim Sae-ron has visited buildings and shopping malls that were financially damaged by his drunk driving accident, apologized, and worked hard to compensate for the damage. The day after the accident, Kim Sae-ron wrote in a handwritten letter, saying, “I made a big mistake under the influence of alcohol,” adding, “I damaged so many people, including merchants, citizens, and those who restored it with wrong judgments and actions.” I should have acted more carefully and responsibly, but I couldn’t. I apologize from the bottom of my heart,” he bowed his head.

Due to the accident, Kim Sae-ron dropped out of the SBS drama “Trolly” and stopped working. It was edited in the Netflix drama “Hounds.” His exclusive contract with his agency’s gold medalist has expired, and his activities in the entertainment industry have been virtually suspended.

Kim Sae-ron, who caught the public’s eye as a child guarded by Won Bin in the movie “The Man from Nowhere,” released in 2010, has grown into a “national sister” by consistently appearing in various movies and dramas. The news that he was trying to take off his cute child actor image and become an adult actor caused a car accident by drunk driving shocked the public who had been watching his growth.

It was also reported that Kim Sae-ron, who spent a large amount of money to compensate for the damage caused by the drunk driving accident, had a part-time job at a cafe for a while.

However, shortly afterwards, an invitation to invite acquaintances to the birthday party was released, and it said, “The preparations are body and alcohol,” disappointing once again with an unreflection attitude. The fact that he had a drinking party with his friends a month after the drunk accident was sent to the prosecution also hurt his sincerity.

Kim Sae-ron, a proud “child star,” became Kim Sae-ron, a “girl head of household” suffering from a moment of misjudgment, and he only said, “I’m sorry.”

Meanwhile, Kim Sae-ron’s sentencing date is 9:50 a.m. on April 5.

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