asymmetric femoral surgery papillary position height

asymmetric femoral surgery papillary position height


Normally, when you draw a line between the center of the collarbone and the distance, it’s the ideal form to be an equilateral triangle, but most of the time it’s not. There are many cases where one nipple is slightly updated from the outside or one Jongno 2 is slightly updated. There are many cases where the distance between the two nipple becomes a narrow isosceles triangle, where both nipple come down from among the new ones, or there are cases where it comes down from the outside.

The breast sizes of both breasts are anatomically different by 15 grams, so even if you don’t recognize them, there are some cases where they are slightly different than the same chest size, and recently, all young women in their 20s have scoliosis, which is not severe, so they twist the spine a lot. The position and height of the nipple are reached, and the size of the chest is slightly different, or it can be twisted due to scoliosis.

You can say that modern women are on the first floor that they hate more or less than perfectly symmetrical breasts. It’s very natural that the position of the civil society is different on both sides of the breast size and the sagging degree of the breast. In the case of scoliosis on the back, the habit of wearing a bag on only one side is to cross your legs, so I think it’s good to consider these parts in chest surgery. If the height of the nipple is within the normal range and asymmetric, you don’t have to pay much attention.

If you lift it outside of the normal range and there is a 20cm difference in height on both sides, you need to put insurance for both types when you decide on a range of delamination or choose a prosthesis for money and adjust the height to the nipple. In the case of the new chest, the sternum protrudes, so the prosthesis can be scientifically discarded. After the surgery, you’ll have a broken breast. In the case of my chest, I’ll have to add enough inner obstruction to prevent the prosthesis from being pushed out too much, and in the case of a concave chest,

It’s in the thorax, so when there’s no prosthesis, there’s a part inside. In this case, if you look inward, the chest can be confirmed, so you should be careful when you do surgery or not interfere with that part. Is scoliosis easy? If the skeleton is twisted clockwise or counterclockwise, it’s important to consider that and choose the type of prosthesis and put the stature of the other tower on both sides to adjust the height.

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