Barcelona’s worst team to buy referees is disbanded

Barcelona’s worst team to buy referees is disbanded


Suspicions of referee buying erupted in Barcelona. It is not likely, but legally the worst situation is possible to disband the club.

The Negra Gate is shaking the Spanish soccer world. Money was exchanged between Barcelona and Jose Maria Negra, former chairman of the Spanish Football Association, and was suspected of buying referees. All are under investigation by the prosecution.

Spanish prosecutors have found that Barcelona paid a total of 7 million euros (about 9.8 billion won) to a company owned by former Vice Chairman Jose Maria Enriquez Negra of the Spanish Board of Appeals from 2001 to 2018. Former Barcelona chairmen Joseph Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rossell have been charged with corruption, fraud, violation of unfair trade laws, and writing false documents.

On the 16th (Korea Standard Time), the Spanish daily “As” informed legal experts of the disciplinary action Barcelona will face if the “Negra Gate” is proven to be true. A legal expert predicted, “In extreme cases, it is possible to disband the club.”

The chances are small, but legal interpretation was sufficient. In reality, of course, fines are likely. A legal expert said, “The strictest punishment is the dissolution of the team, but it is unlikely. This is because of the impact of Barcelona’s sports activities on society and the economy. “The team’s employees should also consider it,” he pointed out.

However, there is a possibility that the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) will impose strict punishment. UEFA regulations prohibit teams that attempt to influence the outcome of the match from participating in the competition. UEFA has officially asked the Spanish Football Association for information on the incident involving the purchase of referees 토토

It is also affected by FIFA regulations. If significant violations are known to the disciplinary committee, they can officially demote the club or cut points.

Joan Maria Ciol, president of the Catalonia Sports Court, said, “UEFA has the right to act on evidence. Barcelona can be excluded from UEFA competitions, including the Champions League, and penalties can be given. “There is a possibility that Barcelona will be temporarily or permanently expelled from the UEFA competition,” he warned.

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