Brooke Shields, 11, kiss scene with 27-year-old actor..

Brooke Shields, 11, kiss scene with 27-year-old actor… “Mom’s not helping” Tears

Brooke Shields

Popular Hollywood actor Brooke Shields has revealed a shocking anecdote from his debut film “Pretty Baby.”

According to the media Mirror on the 26th, Brooke Shields shed tears as she recalled the moment when she was forced to shoot a kiss scene with a 27-year-old actor as a child. Brooke Shields, who starred in “Pretty Baby,” a movie about a child prostitute, filmed a kiss scene with Keith Carradine. The film was made in 1978, when BrookeShields was 11 and Keith Carradine was 27. Brooke Shields said her mother Terry Shields watched her kiss scene, reassuring her, saying she did not give any help and rather said it was “all fake.” BrookeShields, now 57, said it was still hard to recall and vowed not to let the same happen to her daughters, Rowan, 19, and Greer, 16.

The case will be mentioned in detail in the upcoming documentary “BrookeShields: Pretty Baby,” in which Brooke Shields confesses to his two daughters about the incident. “This is child porn,” said daughter Rowan, who would never watch a movie. “Why would you let me do that?” he insisted.

In another interview earlier, BrookeShields confessed that it was too hard to tell her two daughters about the anecdotes on the set. “It was hard for me not to justify my grandmother’s behavior to my daughters,” he said. “Some may say, ‘It was like that in those days,’ or ‘It’s art.’ But I still don’t understand why my mother said it was okay,” he said.

Meanwhile, the two-part documentary “Pretty Baby: BrookeShields” began as a child model and captured his journey to stardom through hits such as the movie “Blue Lagoon.” Brook Shields’ honest and simple story “Pretty Baby: Brook Shields” will be available through overseas OTT service Hulu on April 3.

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