G-Dragon’s comeback announcement We’re preparing

G-Dragon’s comeback announcement We’re preparing for an exciting project


Singer G-Dragon announced a new project.

The fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar released three photos on the 16th showing the unique atmosphere of G-Dragon, who decorated the cover of the April issue.

G-Dragon, a global ambassador for luxury brands, showed a variety of charms along with its unique relaxed appearance. From his rough appearance to bold and elegant attitude, his unique mysterious eyes and swag-filled gestures were also impressive.

Rumor has it that he, who perfectly dressed in various costumes, drew admiration from the field staff with an atmosphere overflowing with energy.

G-Dragon said in an interview about the new album, “I wanted to tell you that I’m preparing a project that’s exciting in many ways. I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on, but… There are several tasks that are being prepared. I’m working on it step by step,” he said, raising fans’ expectations.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon said in a video in January, “I’m going to tell you that I’ll work hard next year. I will visit you through various activities. “I’m also preparing for an album,” he said, hinting at his solo comeback, “I’ll make a year where I can meet you with good news.”

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