Jung Da-kyung shook the stage and shook ‘Hwabam’

Jung Da-kyung shook the stage and shook ‘Hwabam’… Performance fairy

Jung Da-kyung

Singer Jung Da-kyung rocked Tuesday night by raising her tension coolly.

While the TV Chosun entertainment show “Tuesday is Good Night” (hereinafter referred to as “Tuesday Night”) was broadcast on the 21st, Jung Da-kyung started delivering exciting hints.

Jung Da-kyung, who appeared with a refreshing styling suitable for the “hint fairy,” showed off her uncontrollable talent in the round where the lucky ticket was at stake.

Jung Da-kyung changed the lyrics of her second character Miss Jung’s song “Good” and gave hints with a bouncy performance. Jung Dakyung, who showed off her stable live skills despite the dynamic choreography, provided hints about the lucky fairy, such as “Trot Gentleman” appeared on “Hwabam” and “Five hit songs with flowers,” and showed off her unrivaled star quality and heated up the atmosphere.

Jung Dakyung, who made a strong impression despite her short appearance, quickly dominated the studio and other small theaters with her cool singing skills and hints, and received enthusiastic cheers from the cast. On top of that, Jeong Da-kyung generously revealed her irreplaceable fruitiness and true value, leading to group dancing as well as group singing. 안전공원

Meanwhile, Jung Dakyung made her debut as a trot singer by releasing her digital single album “Like” in 2017. Since then, he has made headlines by appearing on the TV Chosun entertainment show “Miss Trot Tomorrow” in 2019. Recently, it has been showing off its eight-color charm on broadcasts such as “The Trot Show” and “Gayo Stage,” and Jung Dakyung plans to actively communicate with the public through official SNS channels in the future.

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