Kim Ha-sung and Tatis Jr. said, “Honestly, I was surprised to

Kim Ha-sung and Tatis Jr. said, “Honestly, I was surprised to recruit 364 billion shortstop, but…”

Kim Ha-sung

The San Diego Padres have invested heavily to win this season. Shortstop Xander Bogartz, who played for the Boston Red Sox, was recruited for 11 years and $280 million. He has been a bullpen pitcher for five years and $46 million. Seth Lugo, Michael Waka, Matt Carpenter and Nelson Cruz also wore San Diego uniforms.

Darvish Yu signed a six-year, $108 million contract and Manny Machado signed an 11-year, $350 million contract extension.

The U.S. ‘ ‘ said, “San Diego is expected to rank fourth in scoring the most and fifth in losing points at least.” The San Diego infield has four starting resources to play as shortstop. “It could be the best combination of baseball,” he said. “San Diego has not won the National League West since 2006, but it is expected to win this season.”

He started to clean up infield traffic by recruiting Bogartz. Kim Ha-sung, who played as the main shortstop last season and was included in the final three Gold Glove candidates in the Major League National League shortstop category, will move to second base. Jake Kronenworth goes to first base. Fernando Tatis Jr., who was suspended for taking banned drugs, will play as an outfielder.

The San Diego Union Tribune in the U.S. said on the 26th, “San Diego already had two shortstop.” However, he moved Tatis to right field and Kim Ha-sung to second base, he said. “Because they believed that they needed a strong player to thicken the depth and decided to sign a large contract.”

“I was a little surprised,” Bogartz said. But San Diego obviously wants a winning player, a winning mentality, and an experienced player. It’s very valuable,” he said.

Bogartz said of life in San Diego, “You have to get to know everyone at first. It may be a little hard. But it’s from a similar organization, he said. “The only difference is getting to know everyone. I meet new people every day. You can learn new things every day. It’s fun so far,” he said.

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