Lim So-young appears in the movie “Samakdo” ···Gwashiyan

Lim So-young appears in the movie “Samakdo” ···Gwashiyang-Combination with Cho Yoon-seo

Lim So-young

Lim So-young, a former member of the group Stella, will appear in the movie “Samakdo.”

The agency Han Ah-reum Company announced on the 21st that “actor Lim So-young will play PD Woo in the movie ‘Samakdo.'”

The movie “Samakdo” is an occult horror film about an investigative reporting team that was digging into the truth of a pseudo-religion that was believed to have disappeared during Japanese colonial era, facing the existence of absolute evil.

PD Woo, played by Lim Soyoung, is a PD between Cho Yoon-seo, who plays Chae Chae-yeon, a PD specializing in pseudo-religious reporting, and close Sun and junior, and will show a professional appearance by invoking new vitality to the thrilling exploration reporting team.

Meanwhile, Lim So-young debuted as a member of the group Stella in 2017 and debuted in the entertainment industry with her album “Stellar Into The World.”

Since then, he has stepped up as a solo artist by releasing his solo album “Breath” in 2019.

In addition, he made his debut as an official actor by playing the role of Jung Ji-yoon in the web drama “Today, Office, Tomorrow, Romance” released in 2020.

Since then, Lim So-young, who has played various roles on the screen such as the movie “Yongnugak: Unrestricted City,” draws attention to what kind of acting she will show in “Samakdo.”

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