Park Si-woo, the second daughter of singer Park Nam-jung,

Park Si-woo, the second daughter of singer Park Nam-jung, said, “Studying hard, I envied your sister StayC Sieun.” (Gold counseling center)

Park Nam-jung

Singer Park Nam-jung second daughter, Park Si-woo, confessed her longing and jealousy toward her older sister, StayC Park Si-eun.

Singer Park Nam-jung and his second daughter Park Si-woo appeared as guests on Channel A’s “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center” on the 3rd.

The first daughter, Si-eun, is active as the main vocalist of the group StayC, and the second daughter, Si-woo, won five awards in the theater and film department and finally entered Han Ye-jong.

In the broadcast on this day, Park Si-eun reported through a video, “Park Si-woo drives himself to the pole. He confessed, “I only concentrated on the entrance examination while excluding sleep desire and appetite.” Park Nam-jung also said, “I was so into studying that I came in at dawn and came in in the morning.” He worked so hard that he didn’t puke. There are times when it seems too harsh. I was the one who stopped it. “I was worried about what if I fall down and go wrong,” he said.

Dr. Oh Eun-young asked Park Si-woo why he studied hard, and Park Si-woo confessed, “I became obsessed with the first place because I was conscious of people’s eyes.”

Park Si-woo said, “I was so nervous in the first practical evaluation that I forgot all the lines. At that time, I was scolded by my teacher and humiliated by my friends. Looking at my first practical evaluation in high school like that, I wondered what my friends would think of me and how much they laughed at me and looked down on me. After that, I thought I should not let this happen. “My thoughts changed,” he said.

He then mentioned that the label “Singer Park Nam-jung’s daughter” and the existence of “Idol Sister” came as a great external motive. Park Si-woo said, “I knew that she was my father’s daughter, so I kept thinking that I should always do well and work hard because I shouldn’t embarrass my family,” adding, “I thought I should debut on my own when I saw my sister hurt by the comment that she was on the air due to my father’s influence at a young age. He added that he did not want to add the keyword “Park Nam-jung’s daughter.”

Dr. Oh Eun-young began to analyze Park Si-woo’s inner side, asking why her sister came to her as an external motive. In response, Park Si-woo replied, “I wanted to be like an older sister who did everything well, including trainee life, drama filming, and studying.”

Dr. Oh Eun-young analyzed that “the standard was created by looking at the person who wants to resemble,” and explained the “Kain Complex,” an instinctive jealousy psychology between brothers and sisters. Park Si-woo carefully opened his mouth, saying, “I envied my sister who started her career in entertainment first,” and Dr. Oh Eun-young warned, “If you are overly conscious of others’ eyes, you can feel anxious on your own,” and advised, “It is important to find your own internal motivation.”

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