SK Telecom Establishes Proof Network for Open LAN In

SK Telecom Establishes Proof Network for Open LAN In-Building in Bundang Office Building

SK Telecom

SK Telecom has established a 5G open wireless access network (open LAN) in-building demonstration network and confirmed stable service quality. Following the existing outdoor open LAN demonstration network, an indoor demonstration network was established to complete the verification of open LAN technology encompassing indoor and outdoor.

SK Telecom established an open LAN in-building demonstration network at its office building in Bundang with ECFR and tested the performance of open LAN equipment in an indoor office space. Open LAN is a technology that separates hardware such as base stations from software and standardizes interfaces between equipment so that different manufacturers’ equipment can be linked.

In this demonstration, SK Telecom measured network performance such as transmission speed and delay time. It also demonstrated wearable 360-degree CCTV to check the quality of interlocking services.

In particular, the 5G open LAN base station demonstrated this time has reduced power consumption and improved base station capacity compared to existing equipment. The size of the equipment has also been miniaturized from existing medium and large servers to the level of actual base stations.

SK Recom also participated in the PlugFest event hosted by the O-RAN Alliance and announced various empirical results. Earlier this year, Nokia and Korea installed the first cloud-based open LAN virtualization base station in the commercial network to confirm 5G service speed and coverage performance.

“Open LAN is an essential technology for the upcoming 6G era as well as 5G advancement,” said Ryu Tak-ki, head of infrastructure technology at SK Telecom. “We will continue to strive to develop open LAN technology and revitalize the domestic ecosystem through cooperation with small and medium-sized companies.”

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