SSG dotcom, two-top system…Vice President Lee In-young

SSG dotcom, two-top system…Vice President Lee In-young Appointed as Co-CEO

SSG dotcom

SSG dotcom is going to be a two-top system. Along with the existing CEO Kang Hee-seok, Vice President Lee In-young from Gmarket will co-represent the company, which is expected to speed up the expansion of online and offline synergy as well as Duckdotcom and Gmarket.

Shinsegae Group announced on the 3rd that it has newly appointed Lee In-young, a former G-Market vice president, as co-representative of Saekdotcom.

Lee In-young, the new CEO, has served as the head of Gmarket Finance since 2006 and served as the head of the Treasury Department and the head of the support division. After Gmarket was acquired by Shinsegae in 2021, he also served as the head of the TF management for E-Mart’s digital new business TF. Since then, he has served as the head of support at SSG Dotcom and Gmarket. In October last year, he was in charge of the operation division of SSG Dotcom. From now on, he will be co-CEO of SSG Dotcom and general manager of SSG Dotcom’s operations division.

Shinsegae explained, “This personnel reshuffle is aimed at increasing operational efficiency by incorporating online expertise such as experience and know-how accumulated by the new CEO Lee leading the growth of the domestic online market for more than 20 years into SSG Dotcom.” He stressed that he will share the work with CEO Kang Hee-seok in the future to closely manage the operation of SSG Dot-com and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

E-Mart CEO Kang Hee-seok has served as CEO of E-Mart since the end of the same year after becoming the head of E-Mart in 2020.

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