“The Queens” Pak Se-ri emphasizes, “The ability to control

“The Queens” Pak Se-ri emphasizes, “The ability to control distance is very important.”

Pak Se-ri

“The Queens” Pak Se-ri emphasized the importance of approach shot accuracy.

In the fourth episode of the TV CHOSUN golf survival program “The Queens” (Production and Investment In & MC / Lee Jin-seok), which aired on the 12th, the last mission of the second round and the players playing the main game were depicted.

The final mission of the second round was a team-to-team mission that required as many effective approach shots as possible in 10 chances per team. Master Pak Se-ri emphasized the importance of approach shot accuracy, saying, “Distance control is very important on the world stage.”

First of all, Group 4 (Cho Eun-chae, Cho Ye-won, Lee Seo-young, and Yoon Kyu-mi) challenged. Group 4, which started smoothly with the first runner Cho Ye-won scoring an approach shot in an exquisite position, recorded a total of seven effective shots. Subsequently, Group 2 (Kim Ha-rim, Kang Ga-yul, Woo Yoon-ji, and Yoon Ha-yeon) and Group 3 (Kim Hyun-jung, Im Sang, Lee Seo-yoon, and Lee Joo-hyun) completed the mission with a total of six effective shots.

Next, Group 1 (Park Jin-sun, Yoon Seo-jung, Lee Da-bin, and Kim Stella), which ranked the lowest in the previous team mission, appeared. Group 1 players showed off their high-sensitivity shot control by making effective shots one after another as if they were desperate, and Kim Stella, the last runner, succeeded in an easy approach shot to secure the top spot in the mission.

After the mission, the main game continued, reflecting 70% of the final results of the second round. The players went to the field with considerable burden because they thought it could damage the players of the same team when they played a four-sum match (a match play in a group of two).

In Group 1, the teams were divided into Park Jin-sun and Yoon Seo-jung, Kim Stella and Lee Da-bin. Kim Stella & Lee Da-bin scored par in the first hole, while Park Jin-sun & Yoon Seo-jung got off to a bad start by finishing the hole with a double bogey. 안전놀이터

However, the atmosphere between the two teams has changed rapidly. If Park Jin-sun and Yoon Seo-jung finished the next hole with birdies in a friendly atmosphere encouraging each other, Kim Stella and Lee Da-bin had conflicting opinions due to different tendencies, and the atmosphere between the two eventually became awkward.

Group 4, which was divided into Cho Eun-chae & Yoon Kyu-mi, Lee Seo-young & Cho Ye-won, strengthened their teamwork even before the game with the determination to advance to the final round. The players, who all agreed to survive, continued to play in a warm atmosphere, giving generous support to the opposing team.

Attention is focusing on who will survive the main game of the second round, where teamwork and strategy as well as skills have become important.

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