IU needs to lower her driving skills

IU needs to lower her driving skills


Lawyer Han Moon-chul swept his chest with singer IU’s driving skills.

On the 1st, IU’s YouTube “Lee Now” said, “[IU’s Delivery] Driving.. It’s not easy? A video titled ‘L Ep.1 (With Han Moon-cheol)’ was uploaded.

The released video shows IU meeting with Han Moon-chul and talking in the car. IU said, “It may be a little strange to see you sitting in the driver’s seat. But I really sat in the driver’s seat,” he said.

“There are people who don’t like to sing, apart from talking about music. I just got my driver’s license a while ago, he said. “I’ve prepared a corner to take the guest to his destination and have a conversation.”

“It was very difficult to invite you,” he added. “Icon of driving,” he said, introducing lawyer Han Moon-chul. IU, who met with Han Moon-chul, said, “I’m really nervous. “It’s my first time seeing a lawyer, and I’m really nervous because I have to drive,” he said.

Han Moon-chul said, “I thought a lot about it. “I thought it would be better to walk, but I came out willingly because IU called me.” He then laughed, saying, “Should I hold the handle of the passenger seat?” IU said, “It’s a beginner’s drive. “I’ll turn off the blinker for now, step on the brake, no the accelerator, and start,” he said, revealing his aspect as a beginner driver.

IU’s novice driving surprised Han Moon-chul. When IU looked to the side, Han Moon-chul was embarrassed, saying, “We have to look ahead,” and added, “It’s close to the car in front of us.” “Oh, my. I’m nervous.”

In addition, when he mistook Myeonmok-dong, the destination, for Mok-dong, and entered Gangbyeonbuk-ro, Han Moon-cheol was embarrassed, saying, “I said I was going to Myeonmok-dong.” When IU replied, “I will speed up as soon as possible,” Han Moon-chul ran out, saying, “I should get off.”

Actually, what we’ve filmed in the studio so far. After the situation ended, IU said, “We invited you as an April Fool’s Day special.” “I hope everyone drives safely,” he said, greeting Han Moon-chul

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