Jimin and Jisoo’s solo album made a mark in K-pop

Jimin and Jisoo’s solo album made a mark in K-pop


BTS (BTS) Jimin and BLACKPINK are exerting their presence as popular members of K-pop idol groups with their first solo album. The history of K-pop solo artists is being newly written day after day as they have launched side by side and performed well worthy of their name.

Jimin, who first launched on the 24th of last month, became the first K-pop solo artist to sell more than 1 million albums on the first day of release with his solo album “FACE.” Based on the Hanteo Chart tally, “Face” sold more than 1.02 million copies on the first day of its release alone, making it a high-speed million seller.

“Face” is an album with a total of six tracks, including the title track “Like Crazy.” Jimin was involved in the overall album work and melted the sincere feelings he felt during the COVID-19 pandemic into the music.

The album’s initial sales, which set a new record right after its release, totaled 1.45 million copies. This corresponds to the highest initial sales volume among solo works by BTS members. Jin, the first soloist in the team, achieved initial sales of 770,000, while J-Hope and RM, who followed, recorded initial sales of 360,000 and 610,000 with solo albums, respectively.

Initial sales volume refers to album sales during the week after the release of the album. In the music industry, it is known as an indicator of the size of the enthusiastic fandom that a supporting singer purchases albums as soon as they make a comeback. Jimin proved that he has a solid personal fandom with his solo album.

Jimin’s new record march is currently in progress. On the 3rd, it was reported that “Face” went straight to No. 2 on the latest Billboard 200 chart on the U.S. Billboard main album chart. With this, Jimin also became the highest-ranked solo artist on the Billboard 200.

Among them, Jimin’s fans are looking forward to the title song “Like Crazy” reaching the top of the main single chart Hot 100. Fans’ expectations are rising as various overseas SNS accounts dealing with Billboard’s ranking predictions predict “Like Crazy” as the No. 1 hot 100.

Earlier, with “Like Crazy,” Jimin entered the top 100 singles chart of the UK’s official chart, which is considered one of the two major pop charts along with Billboard, breaking the top debut ranking of K-pop soloists. Attention is focusing on whether Jimin will be able to set a milestone of becoming the first K-pop solo artist to become No. 1 in the Hot 100.

Jisoo, who released her solo album “Me” on the 31st of last month, is also confident. Jisoo’s album sold 870,000 copies in one day based on the Hanteo Chart tally. As a result, Ji-Soo quickly became a K-pop female solo artist with the highest record sales with a single album.

“Me” is an album containing the title track “FLOWER” and the track “All Eyes On Me”. With the album, Ji-Soo became the last member of the team to appear as a soloist. Among BLACKPINK members who first appeared as soloists, Lisa’s single “LALISA” released in September 2021 had the highest sales volume of 700,000 albums, and Ji-soo broke the record in just one day.

In addition, Ji-soo showed off her music power by ranking sixth, the highest ranking of K-pop female soloists, on the first day of its release on Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming platform, with the title song “Flower.”

Fans’ attention is focused on whether Ji-Soo will be the first K-pop female solo artist to create a million-seller. Earlier, YG Entertainment, the agency, said that Ji-soo’s pre-order for this album exceeded 1.31 million copies. Jisoo is happily continuing her first solo career with the green light on to achieve million sellers

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