Lee Si-young said she only brought a bikini to Hawaii

Lee Si-young said she only brought a bikini to Hawaii which is like a local fashion show

Lee Si-young

Actress Lee Si-young showed off her bikini figure with a solid body.

On the 20th, Lee Si-young unveiled a trip to Hawaii that challenged sea snorkeling.

Lee Si-young threw herself into Hawaii’s blue sea in a black bikini swimsuit. In particular, Lee Si-young’s arm muscles are unusual, hanging in a life vest and climbing on a board.

On this day, Lee Si-young found a sea turtle on a boat going snorkeling with her son, raising expectations for good luck.

Earlier, Lee Si-young, who only brought a bikini to Hawaii, drew attention by showing off her colorful swimsuit. On this day, a new black bikini was also introduced, drawing fans’ attention.

Meanwhile, Lee Si-young married a businessman in the restaurant industry in 2017 and has a son. Lee Si-young is set to release the original Netflix series “Sweet Home Season 2” and will also appear on Netflix’s entertainment show “Zombie Bus.”

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