When it is important the NBA Minnesota Twins’s 1 game

When it is important the NBA Minnesota Twins’s 1 game

NBA Minnesota

Among the game, Minnesota team, who had a week of the U.S. professional basketball (NBA) Minnesota, who had a regular disciplinary disciplinary action.

Los Angeles (LA) operating “Twin Tower”, which has entered the playoff (PO) R) Rayker, was also canceled.

Minnesota said on the 11th (Korea Time) website announced on the 11th (Korea Time) website on the 11th (Korea Time) website.

Kobe played at the last game of Minnesota, a home stadium in Minnesota, the last match against the New Science Felix, which was held at the target center center center of Minnesota Twins and 2022-2023 NBA regular league.

When the second quarter of the second quarter of operation time, Anderson and talked about the bench.

After the game, he was kicked out of social media after the game, “The sense of emotionally.”I shouldn’t respond to that way, but I should not respond to his colleagues, club, especially I love to apologize to my colleagues, especially I love to apologize.”

But at that time, “I can’t accept this behavior” at that time, “I can’t accept this action to play the next game.

Rachel, who fell into the most important game is the most important game of Minnesota this season.

Minnesota’s conference 8th place (42 wins) and play the PO in the tournament with the 7th place in the tournament.

If you lose in this game scheduled on the 12th, Minnesota will miss the West 7.

Since then, the 10th team, the 10th team, the 10th team, will be completely able to lose the match between the two wins and 42 losses.

Minnesota took a non-expected injury.

This is because it is necessary to fight against Andy Davis, who has a long-term defense with excellent defense skills and providing ability to fight against Andy Davis, who has excellent defense skills 안전놀이터

It’s a huge price before the opening of the opening of this short-term performance, is more bone cancer

For Highbert, Minnesota, Minnesota, Patrick Bberley, Patrick Bellley, and the winner of the 20th round of the Rookie of the Year’s title of the Year’s New draft this year.

Kobert (211cm) and the team of the team, who boasts the highest defense costs under the NBA’s top goal, which boasts the opponent’s top goal was to overwhelming the opponent.

In addition, Minnesota has recently swollen expectations about twin tower.

This is because the town disappeared for a long-term injury, and returned to the regular league, and returned to the regular league.

According to AP communication, Mr. Darbin Ham stressed, “We will focus on our game, but we will focus on our game.”

Davis also will also have a hit by the opponent’s defense.However, if the town is entering the center position, the defense force could be improved,” he said he would not be improved.”

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