Bob Myers the head of the Golden State Dynasty voluntarily resigns

Bob Myers the head of the Golden State Dynasty voluntarily resigns


Bob Myers, the main character who created the Golden State dynasty, resigned.

Myers announced his intention to resign from his position at a press conference at the end of the Golden State Warriors season on the 31st (Korea Standard Time). As a result, Golden State has to appoint a new general manager.

“It’s a tough, tough decision,” said Myers. “It’s time to resign,” he said.

The reason for Myers’ resignation was found to be that he wanted a break. The Golden State club promised Myers the best treatment in the industry, but they could not catch Myers.

Myers is no exaggeration to say that he created the Golden State dynasty. Myers joined the organization in April 2011 as deputy head of Golden State and was promoted to general manager in April 2012.

Myers, who was promoted to general manager, laid the foundation by nominating Harrison Barnes and Dramond Green in the 2012 NBA Draft and appointed Steve Kerr in 2014, signaling his departure from the Golden State dynasty 파워볼홀짝

Since then, Myers and Golden State have collaborated on four championships to form the Golden State dynasty and become the most popular team in the NBA.

Myers’ departure, one of the best NBA leaders, is fatal to Golden State. Golden State, which is showing signs of change after being eliminated in the second round of the playoffs this season, is in a position to appoint a new general manager

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