Glaucoma Prevention Methods Self-diagnosis Possible

Glaucoma Prevention Methods Self-diagnosis Possible


Glaucoma doesn’t know the cause, so there’s no way to prevent it from becoming like this, but there’s a cataract, so if you don’t turn it on too much and your eyes are one step at a time, then cataract surgery before the cataract goes on too much, it works to prevent cla glaucoma But open-angle glaucoma. Yeah. It’s hard to prevent because you don’t know why I came

I can’t confirm my self-diagnosis People say that glaucoma looks like a tunnel, so there’s time left like a tunnel, but if it looks like a tunnel, will you look at it black? It doesn’t look black If you have glaucoma, you won’t be able to see it. It’s not because it’s black. It’s just that it doesn’t look like it’s there. So I feel like there’s nothing, so I can’t see it at all

Until then, there are few people who say that it looks like a tunnel or something that you can see and feel a bit cloudy Glaucoma is a really blind disease. It’s a really scary disease and it can’t be reversed, so if you’re disappointed with glaucoma, it’s very unfortunate because it’s a disease that you never go blind if you detect it early, it’s all the more unfortunate

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