Lim Kang-sung who has been bitten by Salmosa

Lim Kang-sung who has been bitten by Salmosa has different toxic reactions so he’ll recover quickly

Lim Kang-sung

Actor Lim Kang-sung told how he has been bitten by a snake.

On the 31st, Lim Kang-sung posted a message on his channel, saying, “I leave news because it’s hard to answer everything.”

He said, “I went out for a while and was hospitalized after being bitten by a poisonous snake on my foot. “I’m sorry to have worried many people and thank you for your support,” he said. “Each person has a different reaction to toxicity and needs to take measures accordingly, so I’m hospitalized.” “I will recover quickly and deliver good news,” he said.

Lim Kang-sung was supposed to attend a production briefing for the movie “The Perfect Relationship,” but he was bitten by a poisonous snake and did not attend. Fellow actor Jung Ae-yeon said, “(Lim Kang-sung) met Salmo. I sent the picture to the group chat room, he added.

Meanwhile, Lim Kang-sung is a famous singer for singing the OST “The Wild Men” of “The Age of Wild Men.” He is also an actor who appeared in dramas such as “She Was Pretty,” “Money Flower,” and SBS “Yongpal.”

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